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Why is my mind moving faster than my actions

It's weird. My mind is seeming to be going really fast almost as if it's screaming at to do something right like if I'm writing and I make a mistake my mind screams at me for hours it's happened since I was about 7 but it only gets worse as I get older. The doctor hasn't said anything because I'm not overweight but I do have anxiety what can I do?
Please help.
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Wow you just brought back memories. A couple times when I was about that age 7-10, i distinctly remember waking up out of a dead sleep and having to do everything and anything frantically fast and it was completely terrifying. Hasn't happened in my 20's or 30's, but now my anxiety is controlling my body so I have always wondered if they were connected. That was i dealing with that i maybe blocked out. Just crazy
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