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Why is my skin pale?

I began suffering with tension two years ago, after my addiction to pornography for years, I used to come up with strange ideas that my face would change for the worse. I began to experience strong panic attacks. My face became very pale, which increased my fear. I started having a strange feeling in my face, muscle spasms
I began to fear that the spasm of the facial muscles would cause the skin to pale, and I began to fear that this feeling came again, but it did not stop. After a period of searching on the Internet, I found that the reason for my paleness is due to the temporary high blood pressure that leads to poor circulation, but I still fear that the spasm of the facial muscles causes pallor because I have read some of the topics about this thing. Please help me. This thinking sounds stupid but it scares me. Sorry for my bad English
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Not to be simplistic, but do you spend a lot less time in the sun than you used to?
Yeah . But the pallor of the face comes for a temporary period. When the tension is gone, my face returns to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience
That sounds more like blood flow.  This is what happens to those who get migraines, for example.  I used to get them.  They tend to occur following a period of stress, and when the body finally relaxes, the blood vessels that constricted when tense open up but they open up toward the head first because the blood vessels there are larger than, say, at the hands.  Thus, the migraine.  So it might be you're getting similar thing, when you're tense the blood vessels are constricting, slowing blood flow, and when you relax, the vessels open up, returning your normal color.  Don't know, of course, but when you describe it, it sounds like a possibility.  Kind of like reverse blushing.
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It's very difficult to examine without knowing your any medical background . We should have to perform some text so i recommend you visit your nearby doctor and be open to him/her.
Thanks may this comment will help you.
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