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I dnt really know what causes my anxiety attacks icould be havin a normal day an all of a sudden feel like i can't breathe, if i dnt sit or lay down i begin 2 sweat like crazy even if its cold an then i'll black/pass out. I was a little embarrassed early bcuz i hate when this happens in public. about an hr ago in bi lo i felt an attack cumin, i was in the middle of grocery shopping with my 3yr old an 2yr old, i had 2 go sit at the booth in the deli b4 i hit the floor in front of every1, Some ladies from the bakery noticed i was about 2 pass out an couldnt control my breathing, they came 2 c if i was ok an if i wanted a drink. I just wana know Why does this keep happening its scary cuz i can't control it. i thought i was normal but it gets worse everyday.
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Hello Sunshine!
   All of us that cope with anxiety and panic attacks have asked ourselves "Why?" I am so sorry that you are suffering with this disorder but truthfully there is no answer for it. The most important thing is to find a doctor that is understanding and willing to prescribe the proper medication that will help with the attacks. I have been on meds for many years now and have had no more attacks in the past ten+ years! Some people also choose to go into counseling/therapy and they find that that works for them. A good therapist can help you find breathing techniques and information to help you cope much better. But I still believe the proper medication is crucial. However, it isn't a cure, since there is no cure. I wish you the very best ... I hope you will seek out help to make your life more manageable! Message me if you need someone to talk too! Take care ...
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Thankx i feel a little betta now.
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