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Will an SSRI help me with sleep?

I have been through the rounds over the past year. The stress of our new baby, and then I sprained my ankle horribly when she was 3 days old... I couldnt even walk for 2 weeks but it caused alot of stress and major problems between me and my wife... THis led to other problems...

Never treated it properly to begin with.

I have always been ANTI-DRUG big time... Started having major sleep problems. Went to OTC stuff. Stopped working. Went to Amitryptiline. Worked great at first, but stopped working as good AND the side effects (runny nose, etc) were HORRIBLE.

Tried Rozerem, it kinda worked, but wouldnt help me through the night and the thought of taking drugs increased my anxiety.

Went to Ambien thought it would be the cur all... It really screwed me up, I would wake up after only a few hours in a panic... Became majorly obsessed with getting off it, and cutting pills, etc...

Tried Celexa. But everything I read about Celexa side effects being insomnia i was so convinced it wasnt for me, and in denial that i was depressed... If I could JUST SLEEP I would be fine!  So I never really gave it a shot, and thought it was causing more harm then good... quit it after a about 6 weeks... cause I was so convinced it would just add to my sleep problems.

Meantime tried herbologist, herbs, etc...

Also tried CBTforinsomnia - online program... didnt help at all. Just something not right in my brain (looking back I was in denial, just needed to sleep!!!).

Had racing thougts and fears about sleep at night. Doc put me on Zyprexa. Knocked me out for a week of taking it, but the side effects were unbearable - digestion, etc.

Meantime I tried a Kinisiologist D.C. ... No luck, he just said my body wasnt digesting Tyramine in foods and to avoid bananas, cheese, pizza, yogurt... EVERYTHING I LOVE TO EAT. Became OBSESSED with avoiding these things.

We then tried Seroquel, shorter half life then Zyprexa... No real success with it. Just a zombie the next day, and it still didnt help me sleep more then 4-5 hours tops.

Doc said I had GAD. We tried Klonopin... No luck, just 4-5 hours... Got off it after 1.5 weeks...

Now we are back to Trazodone, which is similar to Amitrypiline but without the side effects (supposedly)...
I can only fall asleep taking 100MG of it, BUT I WAKE UP AFTER 5 HOURS wide awake and more dissapointed then ever!!!!

I also have Rozeram to take if the Trazadone doesnt work.

I also have Xanax now, in case of panic....

SO MY QUESTION IS... I am considering LEXAPRO?? I have read good things about it on revolutionhealth user reviews and even people who suffer from insomnia due to anxiety have had success with it...

I am SOOOO worried that an SSRI will just CAUSE insomnia that I dont think it will help me... Especially that alot of the user reviews under the depression/anxiety say it causes insomnia... But maybe its a different kind of insomnia? Maybe I have absolutely no seratonin to create melatonin to sleep???

Would like some advice on this. Would Lexapro be a good choice? Or Zoloft? Or Celexa again? Or....??

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Remoron. Ever heard of that one. People always complain about wanting to sleep when on it. But I am no doctor. I use it. Does me fine. I don't experience what others do on it. That's how medication works. Different for different people. Lord knows you have tried them all by now. You are like an A to Z of medication. Trial and error is how they find the right one. Sadly true. You would have to try the new ones to see what they do for you.
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