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Will my tremors, caused by a panic attack, ever go away?

I'm an 18 year old female who suffers from extreme anxiety. In November, of 2017, I had a REALLY BAD/EXTREME panic attack to where I was hyperventilating, couldn't stand, couldn't feel my hands, and my heart was racing. After that panic attack, my hands and legs have a tremor. My hands always shake, no matter what I am doing and my legs only shake when I stretch them or extend them. It is now May of 2018 and this is still going on. Will the tremors ever go away? (I take medication for anxiety, depression, and sleep)
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Hi, sorry to hear that you are in trouble...have you tried hypnosis?
I've never tried that, but I'll look into it. Thank you
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You don't say if aside from the tremors how your anxiety is going.  If not good, the meds you're are aren't working.  As for the tremors, can't be of much help -- haven't heard of that lasting this long from one anxiety attack.  What you describe from that attack are fairly common in those who get panic attacks, but the tremors aren't.  Have you ever been to therapy to see what might have triggered that and why it had such a lasting physiological effect on you?  Also, a lot of the meds taken for what you have can cause tremors.  Sometimes it's a magnesium problem caused by the med, sometime a dopamine problem, depending on what one takes, but it your case, you got it before you were on meds, as I understand it.  The above suggestion is not a bad idea.
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When my anxiety is really bad, I have hand tremors. I agree with above that if you are still feeling highly anxious while on medication, then either the dose is not correct or you need to switch medications. Certain medications can also cause tremors. When I first started on Paxil, I experienced tremors along with other side effects. When I switched medication, all of the side effects went away and my anxiety was very under control.
I have switched meds many times since November and I am on completely different meds now, but the tremors are still present. They have gone down quite a bit, because they used to affect my life to where I couldn't do normal daily activities. Although they have gone down, they have remained the same for about 3 months now. The tremors do increase more when I have anxiety, so I will definitely talk to my therapist about different options. Thank you so much for your feedback!
I'm obviously not a doctor so you may want to speak to one about this, but someone I work with had really bad hand tremors and they couldn't find any reason why, so they put her on some old medication for blood pressure, but it stops the tremors.
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