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Withdrawal Clonazepam Bupropion Purgatory

Hello I have been on 100mg of Bupropion ER and 0.25 mg of Clonazepam for over 4 years.  I have tried 3 times before to stop the medications but felt awful side effects and and had to resume taking my meds.  Two and a half weeks ago I decided to try again and I stopped all my medication.  I know that these are low doses.  

I have been feeling awful again and I feel as if my heart is running faster than normal which is affecting my personal and work-life.  I have been very diligent pushing through the suffering and nausea.

Today I felt as if I needed help so I cut all the 0.25 mg of Clonazepam in half and took one 0.125mg today.  I feel ashamed like I am a Quiter.  In hindsight, I should have done a slower taper.  Maybe stop the Bupropion first and then slowly reduce the Clonazepams down.

? What would have been the proper taper, recommendations.
? What foods or supplements can help with withdrawal symptom.
Example: VitC, Vitb, or Lysine?
Does anyone recommend any of these?
SAMe, St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, and Kava (for episodes of stress). At least 1,000 mg vitamin C 4 times a day and a B-100 complex. Exercise.

I am amazed at the strength of even a low dose can have.  It is hard to free myself from the medicinal meat hooks.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
God Bess
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Hi I to have recently started wellbutrin, at first it was 150 mg we up it to 300mg to try stop clonazepam.05 I've taken 6 yrs because of a family crisis after realizing I had a problem. I now  take these two together. I'm feeling nauseous & nervous, causing personal issues in my marriage, like I don't care either.  I wanted to stop the clonazepam, usually only take half pill day am/pm & half occas as feeling overwhelmed. I work in a highly stressed job, with mentally challenged, having several family members with addictions, I was afraid I to will become addicted, I went a wk without clonazepam my bp got extremely high,in which I  also take bp meds, my heart began  racing, anxiety, had a panic attack if, I didn't know what was happening, I'd gone to the hospital, Lord it was awful, I took a clonazepam, it helped tremendously. I'd say, I'm addicted, even with a low dosage. I'm scared. Always afraid of a heart attack, worry, worry, I'm going to the Dr in couple wks going to be cutting the wellbutrin back to 150, finding a support group, there has to be an alternative. I'm ashamed, because I've always trusted God, very active member of the church & music ministry, why is their so much guilt? Honey, I don't have the answer, but it is to be found. If none of this is helpful to you, know this I care, totally understand prayers, God Bless.
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Commenting on my own comment,sorry it's so jumbled.
This is an old post, you might want to start a new thread.  But I found it, maybe others will too.  It wouldn't matter if you weren't addicted to the clonazepam, you would still have to taper off of it as slowly as you need to.  You have to do this with any drug that targets brain neurotransmitters.  So don't let the addiction label make you lose focus.  This drug has to be tapered off of slowly.  You're suffering withdrawal, which might also happen if you stop taking the wellbutrin and would happen if you took certain other antidepressants.  Also know that if anxiety is your main problem, not depression, wellbutrin is the least effective drug to take for this because it's the most stimulating antidepressant short of taking speed.  It alone could cause you to have increased blood pressure and increased anxiety.  Are you seeing a psychiatrist or a regular doc?  If you're going to do these drugs, do it with those who do it for a living, which are psychiatrists.  I also wonder about why you went on drugs in the first place -- if this was truly in response to a family crisis, I'm wondering if anyone referred you first to a psychologist before putting you medication?  Everyone suffers from a known crisis, that's a part of life.  It's when that suffering becomes chronic and spreads that you might need medication, but the first thing you want to try is to get over it, not suppress the bad feelings.  And get over this God thing of yours -- God isn't superman or a magician, it's a part of a belief system you've decided helps you get through the day.  Thinking you're letting God down or vice versa isn't helpful, and it's just best for your mental health to leave God out of illness -- everyone gets sick, everyone dies, everyone suffers, and God doesn't stop that so don't expect it.  I'm not saying don't have a spiritual side, I'm saying don't let it get in your way and don't let it become this judgment hanging over every action you take.  Peace.
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   I just read a few days ago a recommendation to withdraw Klonopin at no more than 10% a week; But, If I understand correctly, you were only taking .25 mg. once a day?
   If you have tachycardia, then this is Dr. territory but my personal feeling is to return again to steady state serum level of both ( normal doses for a month ) and taper both rather than cold turkey them.
   With the clonazepam, you could begin by taking 1/4th tab less each day for a week, then a half tab less for a week, then take 1/4th tab for a week and then stop.
   To my knowledge, re, Buspar should be easier to come off of. I suspect it's the combination of the two ( synergistic effect, Eg. 1 + 1 = 3 ) you are withdrawing from.
   I believe B complex is good; Esp, high dose B 12. Orally, it is poorly absorbed.
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