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Withdrawal from prestiq 50mg, quetiapine 300mg and diazepam 20mg

Having withdrawn from clonazapam 4mg over 18months, I now have to withdraw from the other drugs. Looking for best procedure. I am worried not being able to get drugs due to heAlthcare restrictions? Thanks
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Hello! Have you had a conversation with your healthcare provider about withdrawing from these medications? Can you share a little bit more about your concerns being able to get your medications?
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Yes, doctor has changed prestiq to other similar drug and started withdrawing third per month. My healthcare may be withdrawn because of new government regulations. I’m particularly worried about withdrawal from diazepam as I evoked the withdrawal syndrome as abrupt cessation from clonazapam.
Okay, my two cents.  You can't just change Pristiq for another drug.  This is one of the most difficult categories of antidepressants to stop taking -- it's basically the new version of Effexor -- so you can have a very hard time stopping it.  Doesn't mean you will, just that you can, and changing to a different antidepressant won't do anything about the withdrawal from that one.  You have to do it just like you did the clonazepam, as slowly as you need to until you have successfully stopped it.  Could be easy, could be really hard.  That depends on the person.  Same with the valium.  My advice is to withdraw from the meds one at a time, just as you did the clonazepam.  When you've successfully stopped one, you can try stopping another.  And if you want to try different meds, it's best to stop the one you're on successfully before you try another because if you don't you're essentially suffering side effects from two drugs at once, the new one and the old one.  Best to work on one at a time.  Peace.
Thanks, best wishes
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