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Worried About Cancer. All. The. Time.

So I've been on here about my intestinal issues. I've been having upper abdominal bloating (nothing you can see but it feels like some air is trapped in there or something where it feels like it wants to gurgle but won't) and I went to three different doctors and got four physical abdominal exams. Poked. Prodded. The works. And they all said I had IBS and that it will come and go but gets worse with periods. And when I first experienced this I was like two days from starting my period. Since then it's been on and off. But sometimes I don't even notice it. Like if I'm really busy and not focusing on my stomach insides it doesn't bother me. My fiancé thinks it's just all in my head and I am having hyper sensitivity to normal bodily functions. Anyways, I'm worried about stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, and colon cancer. Sometimes I have mucus in my movements and I go to the bathroom a handful of times a week. But I mean I don't eat much normally so that's probably why it's nothing big. I've also had full blood count test and a lipid test and a thyroid test and like two others to get all my organ function and they all came back normal and fine. Still worried I might have some kind of tumor in my abdomen or something. Anyone can give some rational thinking here?!
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I think your fiancee is exactly right. He's obviously a good guy, otherwise you wouldn't be marrying him -- so trust him! :-)
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LRon, thank you he's so so good. I've just been trying to convince myself that if something was up my blood work would be off and I'd be in pain. He's always reminding me that if something was growing in there I'd feel pain. I'm really trying!
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You wrote "Like if I'm really busy and not focusing on my stomach insides it doesn't bother me." So focus your energies and attention on the world and people around you, not on sensations within you. Good luck!
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I've been there, my friend.

I had that same feeling in my upper abdomen, where it feels like it needs to gurgle but won't. It is in fact IBS, but I thought I had a stomach ulcer! Eventually I stopped obsessing over it and took some TUMS it went away within a few days.
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