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Worried about my ovaries

I'm a 33 year old mother of 2, and have been extremely anxious and depressed after having my second child. I'm overweight, but have started dieting and exercising as I've heard this will improve anxiety and depression. I'm scheduled to go for my annual gyn visit, and am so worried about having ovarian cancer! I had 2 c sections, and I now feel pressure and kind of pain I guess in my pelvic area. I feel he urge to urinate a lot, and I've read through google searches sometimes ladies develope depression. I emailed the nurse and I'm sure sounded totally crazy to her because I said I had stopped taking my Zoloft med and that I had the above symptoms. I asked if I should be concerned about my symptoms and her response was well I think you should come before you next appt next month because the dr will not be able to perform a wellness exam and discuss all of your concerns. My husband got extremely mad because he thinks I'm totally fine and that of course they would tell you to come in! They don't want a lawsuit because of the anxiety issue more than thinking I truly have gyno logical issues. I'm just flipping out everyday and am trying to follow a gluten free diet because I've heard that helps! Oh also had taken thyroid med for almost 4 years and tested to be taken off of it and when I stopped it I noticed my periods were a day or two longer with brown discharge when I wiped maybe another day. Which I've had friend after friend tell me that's no biggie. I just am so tired of this being my identity and always wanting to talk to people about it!! Please a y help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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health anxiety... I have the exact same thing. Don't google symptoms the worst of the worst always comes up! I've self diagnosed myself with a million scary diseases. I would go to the doctor knowing I was going to get the bad news and well thank god they always tell me I'm wrong and I get good news. Try to keep busy, alter your thinking. Did the meds help you?
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Yes, I'm feeling the exact same way, just keep thinking I'm going to dr  in September and they will give me bad news.  So, my Mom keeps telling me that is why I'm feeling pain, it's all in my head. She thinks the pain and feelings are real, but they are anxiety related. Zoloft did not help me, it just made me zoned out, and took all of my energy away. I have two little guys, so that was not good for me. Thank you so much for your response, it helps for sure to know I'm not alone, and someone to read what I tell my family and husband and also thinks it's just health anxiety. Thank you and sending blessings your way!! K
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