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Xanax alternative

I am looking for an alternative to xanax.  My psychologist recommended xanax and zoloft for some symptoms I described that came along after my son was born.  I can only take the xanax at night because it makes me drowsy.  My GP doctor also didn't want to continuously perscribe xanax because it was so addictive.  I need something to control my current symptoms of anxiety that lead to rage and am interested to hear what others/doctors might say works.  Thanks!
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You should thank your GP over and over and over for not perscribing xanax on a continual basis.  My GP has percribed xanax for over 12 years.  Other benzos too for a total of 27yrs.  I'm in BIG trouble now.  I took Valarian Root back in the 80s and have heard it discussed on this site.  Not sure if its to be taken during the day or if it would help the rage.  Good luck to you in your quest for calm.
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I just started taking Xanax a few days ago..  .5mg per pill and the last couple I've cut in half because it makes me tired.   Is Atavan a better choice?   I was diagnosed with major depression 7 years ago and I THINK they prescribed Atavan (differening dosages throughout the day).  I think I took that for about a month and do not recall any withdrawal symptoms.
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I filled my prescription 9/1/07 and have taken 1 .5mg pill a day (started cutting them in half yesterday).  My doc prescribed 10 pills and told me in no uncertain terms that I was to make these last a long time..  I'm not sure how long that is!  The bottle says I can take 1 tablet every 8 hours.  I've been taking a half pill every 10-12 hours.
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I take xanax on a as needed basis. I average about 4 amonth. There is a chance of addiction if taken daily. I heard that klonopin is a better choice for something needed on a regular basis. I would talk with your doctor and see what they have to say. Have you thought about going on a antidepressent? That is something you take daily thats gets in your system, to help with anxiety and depression.
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I think the obective for me was to give me something that would take the edge off until my Paxil prescription took effect (increased from 10mg to 20mg)
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Ive been on this xanax for 3months on th lowest dose. I decided to stop taking because I was having some weird thoughts which I knew I would not act on them. I decided to go cold turkey and the way I feel is un explanable, Praying everyday to make me feel better I rather deal with the anxiety than to deal with these crazy with draw just wondering if any body went cold turkey and experience these crazy withdraws that are hard to explain
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