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Xanax causing depression?

I think my low dose Xanax 0.25 mg is causing me to have depression.  Is this possible?  Has anyone else experienced this?
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In my experience with Xanax, it's never caused depression.  I am, however, seriously anxious...nothing "down" about me.  It's a powerful drug used for panic & anxiety, so, perhaps, unless the anxiety is sever, depression could be a side effect.  You may want to speak with your doctor about a possible switch on prescriptions.

Be well...good luck.
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I am taking xanax and Klonipin for anxiety and panic attacks as well. Just broke up with fiancé and quit drinking two weeks ago and have had horrible anxiety. The only thing is that I have become horribly depressed, I was thinking it was caused by the Lithium they put me on three weeks ago. But stopped that and nothing tried another anti depressant didn’t do much. Im beginning to think that the depression has more to do with the xanax and Klonipin then the breaking up with girlfriend. The depression is so horrible that I just can sit still walk for about 4 hours a day, cant work or do anything. Trying to quit xanax and Klonipin but it is the only thing that calms me. Im a train wreck feeling like life is not worth living and don’t know what to do anymore, I just don’t want to get addicted to these drugs as they seam to be addictive and ‘the depression has become worse then the anxiety and panic. Any suggestions.
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It is tempting -and it is human nature- to draw direct lines of connection between one thing -and the other. And sometimes it is really that simple: A) Fall from cliff, and B) break leg. Makes sense. Then on the other extreme are things which we doubt are connected -but at one time believed were true. A) Do rain dance and, B) it rains.

And in between, there is everything else. And the truth is that the connections are rarely so simple. So, the literal answer to the question, "Is it possible for a low dosage Xanax to cause depression," must be YES. And NO.

I don't say this because I want an argument, honestly I don't. I say it because the problem is not just how much Xanax (or how much anything) but rather the understandable wish to connect a particular outcome to a particular cause. We could just as well ask if it possible that a high cure rate for anxiety is "caused" by a big dose of aspirin. The point is that if we feel very strongly that we know what causes something, then we think that by creating the particular cause, we can therefore create the desired outcome. Friends, this tendency isn't because we're dummies -this is huge, deep within the human psyche. We are the species that discerns PATTERNS and we are so wired up to do this that we see patterns, connections, causes and effects, and we see stuff that isn't there!  What is more remarkable is that it often doesn't really matter if there is an actual connection. What matters is that we BELIEVE there is.

So I caution everyone to be careful about asking if A can cause B when it comes to medical situations, and I caution all to be careful about answering that A will (or will not) cause B. The answer here is the same as the answer always is: it DEPENDS. And the people most qualified to speak to this are the qualified mental health professionals whose life and work it is to tease the truth out as best they can from a very complicated and always changing body of information.

Indeed, someone will or will not agree that a particular dose of something will definitely result in something else -because that was their experience. But the fact we hear nothing to the contrary doesn't mean that there are not differing experiences. And the most we'll get from taking a poll is a vote in favor or against. The actions and interactions of drugs do not respond to a vote.

All that said, I can not say that a particular dosage or change in dosage will have any particular outcome. The informed opinions lie with the professionals and their consulation should carry much more weight than ours. There's a reason why a disclaimer appears over there on the left of thye screen: "Member Comments are provided by individuals and reflect their personal opinions only. Under NO circumstances should you act on any advice or opinion posted in this forum.  ALWAYS check with your personal physician before taking any action regarding your health!"

That can be hard advice to follow, especially when we want to hear from people we trust.

I hope you'll let us know the result of your consult about your meds.
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I have been on Xanax for quite awhile for my anxiety. Up until now, it was working good. Now, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I just started taking Zoloft and I pray to god it works.
I have also started having the bad heartburn. I hate it!!!
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my third week of sertraline and feeling a little better but still have trouble sleeping and feel kind of cloudy sometimes.  Also get anxiety mostly in the morning. stopped taking xanax and switched to klonopin 2 days ago and also taking lunesta to sleep.  Zoloft worked very welll for me for 4 yrs until i stopped for 6 months and jsut started again after feeling horrible.  I'm not sure if it took this long to kick in the first time so i'm kinda worried but I also switched from another drug to zoloft. but good luck and keep me informed...Jay
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Guys I identify with you so much.  Back in the day, my psychiatrist would cringe at the though of giving me a bottle of 3 to 5  0.5mg xanax because they are so 'addictive'.  Well, I switched doctors and am now on VA coverage (Air Force 6 years, did OEF/OIF).   The VA psychiatrist up and gave me 360 1mg tabs of xanax to take 4 times a day! I remember he asking me, since I had taken Xanax a bit before "Well are you addicted?", I said "nope", and he's like "there you go!".  But now I dunno it's a downward spiral.  I need more and more xanax just to give me that calming feeling when i'm out and about, currently at 3mg, sometimes i move up to 4mg. Anxiety isues = gone.   Depression issues.... its gotten 2-3 times worse.  I get in crying & SI paralyzing fits like nothing else. No anxiety, but this depression... this hopelessness about life, my life, and life in general, overwhelms me and then thoughts of suicide come into me head.

So that leads me to believe.... Xanax DOES make you depressed in the higher doses.

Or, did your anxiety 'mask' your depression before you had xanax?

Who knows?
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Please place great value on this man's comments.  He had discovered precisely the same as I have.  It is true, in low dosages, Xanax may not cause much depression.  But during extremely tense situations, I have taken 3 to 4 milligrams, and the depression following is almost unbearable.
If possible, try to take Xanax only on an "as needed" basis. If a crisis come along, and the 3 to 4 milligrams are needed, they will be more effective.  In the long run, a 36-48 hour period of depression is far better than going off the deep end.  But please, try to go back to 1.5 to 2 millgrams per day as soon, and for as long, as possible.
"Blumac81", my deepest thanks for verifying what I have suspected for so long.  
Best wishes to all,
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Xanax is known to take the wind out of your sails a bit, to make you demotivated, which is also a sign of depression. 0.25 mg is a very low dose though, maybe it's just not right for you, if you take that low a dose, you might as well not take it, since it is very addictive and it's extremely difficult to get off the xanax.

Xanax is pretty much a ***** of a drug, it makes you dependant extremely quickly and you will need higher doses if you use it every day. What I personally do is to go without so every now and then for a week or so. I've also set as a rule for myself that I am not allowed to have more than 2 mg per day (I take it to sleep).

But the depression that comes with it is familiar, and the content of an entire bottle of xanax has ended up in my stomach more than once...
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WOW!  Can I just say in reading this article I feel like I wrote it myself.  My doctor prescribed me the same dose of Xanax for mild anxiety about a year ago.  I never needed it unless my anxiety was really bad.  Then after a breakup I took it because my anxiety was back.  I thought my anxiety was getting worse, so I started taking it once or twice a day (which was prescribed).  It went from anxiety, to panic to full out depression.  I started seeing a therapist and he's been telling me to keep taking it.  I however hate the idea of being on any pills for anything unless I'm dying.  I've noticed that I've been off of any Xanax at all for two weeks now and my depression has gotten worse.  Its not like me.  I'm not even still broken up with my boyfriend.  We're great, my job is great, and honestly my life is great.  I have no real issues.  But for some reason I have this hopeless, its hard to find a reason to live feeling.  It has really scared me because it is SO out of character for me.  I've never in my life felt this way.  Thank God I have great people in my life.  Reading all of this makes me really think it could be from Xanax.  I thought I was really losing my mind for a little bit.  Like I started questioning the meaning of life, whats the point of living..etc.  Please if anyone is going through this just stay strong, get help and reach out to whoever you can.  Let people know this is going on with you..dont keep it secret because you are not alone.  This drug should be taken out of everyone's hands.
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I have used once klonopin wich is like xanax for a while and made me depressed ..so the dr added lexapro to take with it and I felt much much better on that combo....
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DOnt you get it, the Xanax creates a comfort, calming ambient blanket for us to live in. Once we get off xanax we struggle to adapt to the dull, harsh struggle of reality, we find ourseleves once again dwelling excessivley on negatives in which our reality thrusts upon us. Xanax makes us content within our own skin, comfortable and loose, like its easy to breath and get through a day, very simimar to marijuana. Its simple, it makes us feel good and once it wears off we feel bad because we no longer have this calming loose outlook on reality, once again, very similar to Marijuana. I have smoked Marijuana and it actually decreased my Anxiety, and after a few years of solid use of Marijuana, once I got off it, my anxiety came back 10 fold along with over analysis of situations and many physical delusions, like a hypochodriac, its like my mind could control my body, what ever I thought was going on with my body my mind had the power to make it feel that way. The beauty of Xanax is that it does all the same things for me but dosnt have such a psyco effect on my brain and mind, I think xanax is a big help. And really, define addiction? Are we addictied to something because we choose to take it because it enhances our lives and helps us remain positive in the ocean of chaos. Just remember there is no right and wrong in this world and all we can do is our best to get by as best we can. We could argue people are addicted to not being dependent on "addictive" substances, "Addictded" to living the idealistic lifestyle. They are addicted to proving they dont need to take things that can help them, they may be addicted to their own pride! We are just trying to find our journey a little more positive. So take Xanax, BUT dont think about being addicted, just take it and dont feel negative about being on it, that is half the problem, you arn;t weak becuase you need assitance through medication, you should be proud you have opened up, showing your weakneses is the greatest strength in this world, because once you show your weakneses, you can only get stronger for that point onwards!
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this is my second week without xanax and honestly, i felt on so many occassasions that i might take my life. the withdrawal symptoms are horrible. i still have sleepless nights. like last night i woke up from sleep and a thought came to my mind, " its time for suicide"... thats not me, i woke my wife and told her what i went through, i always have a very positive outlook of life and never was negative. doc gave me xanax for insomnia and mild panic attacks, i never knew that i will end up so negative about my life... i understand what you are going through, i ma in the same boat as you. i have a job, wife and a beautiful daughter but somehow i am in such a mess where everything is so hopeless and negative.

But i can tell you that i am recovering a bit, the negative images of me taking my life are almost gone or r less frequent. however, i have immense fear of hurting myself. heck i cannot even watch cartoons anymore, the characters scare me a lot...
besides that, life is beautiful, full of everything, but there are wrong or bad turns in them where you will encoutner thorns and pebbles.

I know it will go away but it is a very painful to get away from all the symptoms. does anyone know how long does it take to be normal after quiting xanax..
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has never made me feel depressed at all. Meds are different for many!  It has helped me when I needed it and still does.  I feel just fine.  
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Listen and listen closely. Listen like your life depends on it. Stop and think for a minute about what you are saying and reading.

First off, you are on Xanax because you had a problem to begin with. Hopefully a qualified MD has seen your problem and attempted a correction of it in the way he was professionally trained.

I know everything you speak of because I also soffer the same condition or fate if you so feel it.

We are afraid of what we dont know and look for answers of others to find comfort. Unfortunatly we are all different in many, many ways. Our outcomes are like the draw of the lotto.

Xanax works. When you feel better or worse it's due to the underlying problems. If you are depressed it's because your body stopped worrying about anxiety and now has time for depression. Or, any other condition that was already there.

This is why doctors try to perscribe multiple meds to combat an condition. Because hopefully, they already saw the other ones too. They won't tell you theis because they too need to see what's real or anxiety related.

Take what is perscribed and if other issues arise tell your doctor, and hope he is a smart doctor that cares as this gives you better chances.

Above all be honest with him or he won't know all your conditions. Most of us lie to due to the fear of the unknown.

I hope that all of us get better someday. I hope others need not suffer from the condition. But for now, enjoy the good days and stop to smell the flowers. Try to remember you are alive and there's much to do.

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hi, I hv been taking xanax for 3 months, 3 mg per day for anxiety, in my opinion it not the xanax, its
just like alchol, a depressant also can be a stimulant in some people. if  something is wrong in your life than taking xanax will depress you,
as will drowning your sorrows in booze.
your mental state at the time of taking the drugs will potentiate effects how you feel, 4 years I was on the highest legal dose
of subutex (alt to methadone) per day, but it made no difference, if I felt bad that day it was very bad, if I good it was terrific.(there is sci evidence  regarding this) mind control would be my advise. 99 percent of us can't control our minds so we looks for meds/drugs, whilst all we need
is in our heads.
good luck, take care. mike  
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hi, I hv been taking xanax for 3 months, 3 mg per day for anxiety, in my opinion it not the xanax, its
just like alchol, a depressant also can be a stimulant in some people. if  something is wrong in your life than taking xanax will depress you,
as will drowning your sorrows in booze.
your mental state at the time of taking the drugs will potentiate effects how you feel, 4 years I was on the highest legal dose
of subutex (alt to methadone) per day, but it made no difference, if I felt bad that day it was very bad, if I good it was terrific.(there is sci evidence  regarding this) mind control would be my advise. 99 percent of us can't control our minds so we looks for meds/drugs, whilst all we need
is in our heads.
good luck, take care. mike  
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I've just read all these posts on xanax. WOW! I am glad to read and know I am not the only one feeling this way.  I thought I had lost it, for real!  

A little history on me, I started xanax 0.25 mg X 3 a day ,a month ago.  My doctor thought it would help me with my anxiety and panic episodes I had been having.  I took one right a way and thought this must be a wonder drug.  It helped me calm down immediately.  I thought I was in heaven!  I took them faithfully and before I knew it, they weren't working anymore & on top of that, I was having major stomach issues & all of the sudden started crying uncontrollably.  My doc told me to take more xanax and gave me lexapro 10mg.  I went home and quit the xanax cold turkey, I was convinced that I wasn't depressed that bad all of the sudden!

Now it has been 5 days since I stopped it and I suffered AWFUL,HORRIBLE withdrawals, today seems better but I feel like I'm in a cloud. I hope this wears off soon. I think xanax is a scary drug & very addicting.
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Hi.  I live near Tijuana and obtain my xanax the "old-fashioned" way.  Needless to say, my daily dosage ranges from 0.0mg to 5.0mg.  I also drink a good deal (usually whiskey).  I almost never smoke marijuana anymore.

Of course, this lifesyle and choice of substances leads to some days where I would describe my depression as pretty bad.  It deosn't help that my job is extremely stresfful and my bosses have no appreciation for anything. Plus, my excessive lifestyle of drug (and more particular alcohol) use drives friends away either because I will do something to offend them (ususally verbal assaults), or that they just don't understand people like me and hang out with a better crowd.

Long story short, the xanax can contribute to depression.  My sure fire cure for when the depression sets in is as many cups of Twinnings English breakfast tea as you need until you fell happy again.  The caffiene in the tea seems to keep the "crash" of other caffeneited beverages away.  Plus, you'll be awake and chipper.

Best of luck to you all, I have dealt with depression since I was about 15 (31 now), and we have to stay strong.
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I took Zander for a month stoped cold Turkey when will the depression stop
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I have a prescription to ativan (1 mg) and xanax (1mg)... and I mostly take the ativan because the xanax is so addictive. But either way I have horrible depression. I have been depressed in the past and overcame most of it. But this depression is so much worse and different then any sad feelings I can remember having. Like most of you have said, its a "hopeless", "what is the point to life" feeling. I hate it.
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Just DONT take ZOLOFT im more depressed than what i was, Im stuttering cant ever sleep and cry all the time I have 4 kids one is in school you have no clue how har it is to take care of a house and three kids on no sleep and depressed all the time and cant talk. on top of that i have seizures. but good luck to yall
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good answer that!
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Now, I noticed something that all four of your posts had in common. And its something that almost every poster on the board has in common. Its more than just this drug. We've all got something that keeps us from being able to totally relax in society. And even unable to relax, at times, in our own skin. Its not something that we can just toss a pill at. Drugs aren't magic, and they can only do so much. Everyone here has been so helpful, honest and open. You've all given me some really interesting things to think about. I'd like to share how I fit in to this message board, and some thoughts about what everyone has said.

And as these sorts of things can, of no intention to the poster, get a little lengthy, I will try to arrive at my intended point in as few words as possible.

My initiation to Xanax began earlier this week on Thursday afternoon. I had an experience in which my heart started beating noticeably strong. A bit accelerated, but what stood out most was how hard it felt like my heart was beating. My arms became tingly and felt constricted, as if each arm had a sphygmomanometer on it. Meanwhile my heart continued to pound away with increasing intensity with the feeling that it was going to stop at any moment. I began to panic and feel dizzy. I'm only 27, 5'10", 150lbs, the odds that it was a heart attack, were astronomically low. I tried to reason with myself, tried breathing to calm myself down.still. All unconvincing, for i knew with absolute certainty, deep within my atheist soul, that this was it.

I paced in my living room, assured that as along as I continued moving, I was still alive, and that if it was a heart attack, it would have cumulated into cardiac arrest by now. i took a short, disoriented walk to the corner store for some asprin, just in case. On the return home, about 100 yards from my apartment, my body began to feel heavy, and reality began to feel distant; tunnel vision. i fumbled with the keys, my hands are unusually tingly, throbby, and are experiencing diminished utility.

My cognitive abilities seem delayed and impared; fuctioning, but at a reduced capacity. I use simple thoughts for comfort, such at the passing of an hour. Regardless, i continued to feel as if I was about to pass from this plane of existence if I failed to continue focusing on living.

The doctors took an EKG, took my pulse, listened to my heart, my lungs and said everything looked great. They prescribed me a short script of one 0.25mg tablet twice a day and as needed for anxiety.

The first day, my two 0.25mg doses were pretty close together; the first, around 6pm right when I picked up the script(despite being dismissed from the doc's, i was still feeling pretty weird) and the second around 9:30 before starting to get ready for bed.

On my second day I had to take a third 0.25mg tablet, as the morning and evening ones weren't quite doing it. And that one knocked me out pretty good.

On my third day, the second 0.25 made me really drowsy and had to take a nap. Before that though I had a really good morning, it was amazing how well focused i was on creative activities like doodling and playing guitar. I'm not much of a drawer, and leave most doodles totally unfinished. Today however I went through three full page, full color pictures back to back. But after number two, I took a four hour fuzzy nap. took me about an hour to wake up a stabilize. and even then i still felt pretty funky, cognitive abilities surely impaired. not particularly disoriented, however time and memory can get a little iffy.

This is where I can see this little drug could get away from me, why it seems to run away with a lot of us. Because that fuzzy feeling, that tinge which beckons a higher euphoria. i've already had to pour them all out, and count them. This board has been immensely helpful; warning me to keep an eye on this drug. After spending only three days with it, I can tell, its a sneaky one.

I have also found Xanax is paired very well with piracetam, an OTC nootropic. I have used Xanax and Piracetam together with what so far seems successful. it seems to counteract that low-energy-clouded-thoughts feeling that usually comes along the Xanax.

Anxiety crippled us and kept us from being able to do the things we love. Xanax can alleviate that feeling. And let us get back to doing.

If anyone ever needs to talk about this, or anything, i'm no pro, but i've got some experience with substances and depression, drop me a line:


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I have taken Xanax for several years but only .5 mg a few times per week and some large gaps inbetween.  Even at this low dose intermittently I notice withdrawal symptoms which includes depression, anxiety, panic, etc - I can go on an on.  All in all it seems my ability to deal with life in the long run is diminished, my motivation gone, ability to handle lifes twists and turns gone unless I continue to take it.  This really ***** because I feel I am a shell of the person I used to be.  I wish I had not even started this.  I believe the only benefit is in the short run only, a week or two max.  I went off it three weeks ago only to go back on because the withdrawal was too severe.  Today I am off again and am going to try harder to stay off it and find a way back.  I realize it will take some time.

This is a drug which you have to be extremely careful because when you try to leave it, it can take weeks or even months to level out.

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I have run through all kinds of benzos over the years; Xanax, Xanax XR, Klonopin (currently tapering off of it), Ativan, Valium etc..

I have discovered several things about these medications over the years but here's the most important for me; I obsess over them. When I get depressed, I obsess over whether or not it's the meds. When I get anxious, I obsess over whether it's withdrawals from the medication or whether it's not working....I would obsess over taking a PRN tab when my anxiety level was high.

This is just something to bear in mind and not just with benzos; it's with all medications. Most of us run pretty high and are obsessive in some manner;

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Its nice to hear that I'm not alone and hopefully not going insane.I got my prescription for Xanax .5 , about 1 year ago after 9 years of battling anxiety. In the beginning, I was amazed how it made me feel like a normal person. I strictly took it when absolutely had to. Recently, about a year after, I'm starting to taking it more regularly due to increased anxiety and panic attacks. When the anxiety and panic attacks happen, I really try my best to control it mentally with breathing or rationalizing or even doing the whole "tapping" thing. Xanax has been the only thing to make me feel normal. Though, I am now seeing that I have been having trouble containing very abstract thoughts. Things scare me, irrational things (over all society, humans, laughter, outer space,cartoons, self awareness) leading me to think a lot about suicide. I'm not sad and I want to live, but I feel like I cant fathom the world around me. I just sometimes think it would be a relief to be nothing, non-existent. I was never like this before xanax came into the picture. I'm scared that I will hurt myself or worse.. I never would want to hurt my loved ones in such a selfish act, but it seems like the only option.. I wonder if this is even from Xanax, though I never had this before I started.Do I stop taking Xanax and just hope it goes away? I really need some advice.
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This is precisely how I feel.  Two years ago I had a very difficult period in my life that involved a loved one that I had no control over and I was unable to sleep and the Xanax definitely took care of that problem and helped me focus at work and with other areas of my life and keep the worry out of my mind.  But it gradually caused me to feel depressed, although I was no longer anxious or full of worry.  Prior to any use of Xanax I had felt a zest for life which I can no longer seem to find and feel full of doom and gloom which is not like me as I had previously always dealt well with life's ups and downs and always felt that "tomorrow was a new day" and was always able to enjoy and embrace the dawn.  But now I have been experiencing dark thoughts and a sense that there is no hope and no purpose.  So even though I have only taken a very low dose 0.25mg and sometimes even broke the pill in half to take at bedtime I think it has built up in my system although I have only took it continually for one year and intermittently for the last 6 months.   I think I must stop completely, and hope that this will enable my brain chemistry to return to normal; with healthy thoughts and the lucidity I use to enjoy.  I am afraid I may have permanently diminished my intellectual function and my ability to experience joy.  
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You have most certainly not diminished your intellectual function and your ability to experience joy!   This is my take on it.   A hightened anxiety state for any length of time really can lead to depression.  Sometimes it is OCD that leads to the anxiety and to depression.  What you have to do is treat the problem.  If the primary cause is OCD then you treat the OCD and the rest will follow.  If it is generalized anxiety, then you treat that and the rest will follow.  What I don't see here is you treating the anxiety or depression with a medication that is made specifically to do that such as the SSRIs, SNRIs, or medications that work on other neurotransmitters in the brain.  In my mind the Xanax is a bandaid until the other medications are built up in your system and working well.  

Here is my story in brief.  My OCD flared up in May.  I went on Wellbutrin and one of the side effects is anxiety.  So I struggled with feeling jittery, etc. for about 4 weeks.  During that time I took klonopin in varying doses as needed during the day.  Once the wellbutrin started working, I no longer needed the klonopin.  The wellbutrin is what is controlling my OCD/anxiety/depression.  

So my advice to you is to discuss with your doctor, GP, psychologist, or whatever about getting on a long-term medication that will help with your anxiety.  You can supplement with the xanax as needed or switch to klonopin.  Whatever your doctor thinks is best.

BTW, I feel great and OCD/anxiety/depression no longer rule my life.  It can be this way for you too.  
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mantra999, I really loved your response.

The only reason I got on xanax (I'm also on prozac and melarill) was because cannabis is illegal and my job randomly tests.  In my state medicinal cannabis is also illegal.  My prozac was supposed to be for treating my depression but it really only helps with my anger (which comes from being depressed), the melarill seems to be helping but I worry it's just placebo (only been on it a few days).

I am seriously considering moving to another state (though cannabis isn't approved for depression yet) because when I use cannabis I can use JUST enough (not to get high even) and I'm happy, I'm motivated...none of these other drugs works.

I just wanted to say I loved your reply and I wish we were "allowed" to use "medicines" that are not only MORE effective than ANYTHING but...natural too!  Thanks again for your reply!
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Try acupuncture treatment for relaxation. It has worked for me in the past, along with herbal medicine (chinese medicine).
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I took Xanax for three consecutive days & I felt relax & less hungry.  I was calm  it was great until I decided to stop because it is supposed to be taken supposedly only as needed.
Now, I feel extremely depressed & super tired. So, in my opinion, Xanax makes depression worst.
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I came on this site to find out a solution to my problem, only to remind myself that I already know. I had thyroid cancer, so I am kept hyperthyroid which leads to anxiety. I started taking .25 mg of xanax to sleep. I am up to 2 mg to sleep and I am so anxious during the day I can't stand it. I think it might be because I take the xanax at night and my body wants it during the day too.

My solution to everyone is God, or some higher power, whoever or whatever you want to believe in. Meditation is an excellent way to relax. The problem is it takes time. People don't want to take time, they want a quick fix - me included. It's so much easier to pop a pill, then to sit and pray or meditate for a 1/2 hour or an hour. Let me tell you, it is difficult work, but much safer than xanax. Also, once you start doing it, it gets easier. You learn to clear your head of all of your thoughts (this can take up to three months of practice or more). I'm glad I read all these posts. I am going to begin my meditation and stretching yoga again. I was so much happier and peaceful when I did this. I am just being lazy. My excuse: I don't have any time. We all know that is just an excuse. There's time for whatever we want to make time.

I hope any of you reading this will try meditation. Retrain your brain. You can do it! Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. We all have blessings that we forget we have because we are so focused on the negative. When you get a negative thought oppose it, think the opposite. For instance, if you think I'm so sad, I have nothing to live for, immediately replace that with the blessings you have (and we all have them). Go volunteer somewhere. Get your mind off yourself. Volunteering not only helps someone, but reminds you how blessed you are.

Good luck to all of you...I'm going to begin my meditation and wean myself off of xanax. This is a good website that gives you dosages to get off xanax: http://www.non-benzodiazepines.org.uk/alprazolam.html
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I checked this site to see if my Xanax can be causing depression. It was helpful in that most people's responses are different but there's a common thread that runs through. It seems that, like me, Xanax Definitely puts our 'earthly pain' aside and lets us rest. Some have compared it to marijuana, some to alchohol. I would compare it more closely to Valium.
  Everything fades to alright when on a strong dose of either. I use Xanax to sleep. If I take them in the day, I'm somwhat dulled and incapacitated, so I leave them for AT HOME. I've been experimenting with not taking them regularly (which is what my Dr. thinks I'm doing anyway) and after an initila depression...I slowly come back to 'myself' (which is unfortunantely a somewhat depressed person anyway)
   The difference, for me, is that the sedation of Xanax is so strong as to be 'unreal' A half a valium in the day or a whole at night keeps the ME there. Do I really want to be knocked out completely for such large portions of my life? (good question)
    For a depressive person like myself, the temptation to 'not be there at all' is too tempting. I suggest, to myself and others, to take heed of how much we are taking. we know ourselves. Not even a Dr. can know us better.
    In closing - like food- Try to take as much as you need to get by (don't 'eat' when you're not hungry) and realize Perfect Happiness is no one's normal state 24/7. We just need to take the edge off without letting 'the whole parade go by' without us".
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I have been on Xanax for @ one year. I only take it at night to sleep for anxiety. Went from .25 to .5 to now .5 and 1 XR at night. My wife and my mom have asked my why I am so depressed. I did not realize it until family members told me. It has been tough year for me professionally and I had to sell one of my biggest assets, but I should not be this depressed as I am fine financially now and still have these thoughts of just like people describe. Like I am in a helpless hole and the world around me means nothing and this is very odd for me as typically I am a happy person with two beautiful daughters. I will now be weaning myself off of this. I stopped drinking almost 1 yr. ago and feel so good because of that, but the states of depression can come in massive waves and take me down for entire days with wanting to just stay in bed and not do anyhing. VERY unusual for me. Xanax does cause depression and I am going to slowly wane off and do the meditation. Thanks for your stories. God bless and don't lean on medicine...good advice about meditation...we live in a fast world where we are on the computer always fast fast fast and have to step back and slow down.
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my experience is the anti anxiety drugs are a bad cycle to get into. they make you feel great when you are on them but when they leave your system the depression comes back twice as bad and so does the anxiety. i've tried a long list of antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs. the only thing that has really helped me is making life changes, diet changes, being more active socially with positive people, spending time outdoors in the daylight and going to therapy. finding a good therapist is key, one who specializes in anxiety disorders. good luck!
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i got into a bad cycle taking xanax for anxiety. it made me more depressed. you are probably depressed it sounds like you might want to make some major changes in your lifestlye,diet, schedule, etc. and gradually stop with the xanax.
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So...If it feels good, do it?  As a society, we've been there, done that...in the 70s and look where that got us!  I would hope we've learned better.  Do a little research, Mantra.  It wasn't pretty.
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I take klonopin (2mgs at night to sleep). I have been on various benzos for 7 months now. Lately I feel like it is contributing to my depression. They are switching me from Zoloft to Effexor to help with the depression but refuse the idea of me tapering off of the klonopin. I would really like to taper off safely. How are you doing it?
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Actually, bpchris hasn't posted on MH since 2011.  You'll get a much better response if you start a new thread.  You can do that by clicking on the orange "post a question" button on the top right.
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I started having anxiety here and there so my dr prescribed me .25 alprazolam xaxax I took 1 at nighttime to sleep then my anxiety got worse day by day so I started taking more 3x a day as dr prescribed after 6 days I was engulfed in panic I left my job uncontrollably crying I went home I stayed in my bed I thought I was going crazy I wanted to kill myself I thought I was gonna be stuck like that for the rest of my life.minutes seemed like hours I had no love for my kids no anger no fight I seen the dr.He thought I should double up the dose.I thought otherwise.2 days of being bedridden and scared of everything I quit cold turkey.I had been taking them for 7 days I seen a phsyciatrist He only offered to prescribe me more meds.I didn't take them.I don't usually take pills maybe a tylenal or benadryle.I seen a natural dr/hypnotist which tought me breathing techniqes and how my brain and neurological system works.which helped alot.After7 days of taking the Xanax I quit then came the depression I am usually very sociable and out going I couldn't see or talk to anyone I didn't want to go to the grocery store my kids ballet I had no interest in anything fun I went from 3 to 1 meals a day lost 12 pounds.I normally watched shows on tv like dexter the news walking dead I couldn't watch them anymore it scared me.I had to take sleeping pills to sleep at night.Which didn't work half the time..I had a couple of good nights in the last week I actually felt myself again.only to wake up to the same despair the next day.It has been 12 days since I quit.And I feel my depression starting to phase away.I am a very happy person I love my family,my job,my Life there was no real reason to be depressed.Seeing your stories here and support from my family and dr really helped my get through this.I hope my story can help someone can help someone else out there.Maybe these meds work for some people but not me.If I can give anyone any advice don't give up keep fighting It will all get better.
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So glad all you folks posted here.  I've been taking Xanex for years off and on to sleep.  Lately, I started taking every night .5 and after two weeks of that am so depressed I can't stand it.  I am sure it is the Xanex.  I was on Prozac for 10 years and finally got off that.  The doctor kept prescribing others but they were horrible; especially Zoloft.  I have tried everything and it seems that the natural products help the most.  Especially, moringa oliefera and Brigham Tea.  The Zija product is exceptional but too expensive for me but the others are quite reasonable.  All the good things help but it is a battle every day.  I have a blessed life and have no real reason to be this depressed.  Good luck to everyone.  Meditation, Hypnosis, Yoga, Prayer ( pray constantly anyhow), outdoor exercise and lots of good sunshine help.  Also, acupuncture helps, massage and the most important is a loving friend to talk to.  I have a life coach who is great and I think she helps keep me on track.  
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im having the same problem, what to do?
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I am sorry to hear of your struggles.  It is great that you are getting out and walking.  Sunshine and fresh air can be a great help to ease depression.  I recently went through a traumatic divorce and was taking Xanax.  It is extremely addictive and the withdrawal is not easy at all.  If fact it can be quite dangerous.  I would advise you to talk to a therapist and seek advice from an addictionologist.  Support is very important.  Be careful.  Read some of the blogs out there.  I had no idea Xanax was so physically addictive...many people are not aware.  Be kind to yourself and try to do something you used to enjoy but have not indulged in for a long time.  Mine was horseback riding.  It is a Godsend.  Good luck and please....be good to yourself.  Some people never recover from Xanax.  It is a very serious drug.
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YES!!!  I was put on .25 mg of Xanax 3 times a day in 2012 and it was 2 1/2 years of hell my family and I went thru.  I was put on Xanax for anxiety and it caused Depression, anger and suicidal actions.  It was absolutely horrible.  I was admitted to a behavioral health hospital 2 times in 2012 and finally last year after trying to commit suicide in March 2014 I was committed to another hospital and I weaned off the medication and did a complete 180 starting to feel like my old self again wanting to do hobbies, laughing, enjoying life.  I have never been an angry type of person at all but this last time I busted up a bunch of pictures in our house and left in our car and downed a bunch of pills to end my life.  My husband called 911 and I ended up in CCU and then sent to the hospital  I did get criminal damages for the pictures I busted up in our house and the only thing in my whole life at age 55 that had anything to do with cops was I had a speeding ticket.  It was pure hell what my family and I went thru..absolute devastating what all took place in those 2 1/2 years.  I'd tell the psychiatrist that something is wrong, I didn't want to live but I didn't want to die.  I am one that has the bad side effects to antidepressants so I could not be on any of that and now I'm wondering why my doctor did not catch this.  I had used the Xanax for quite a few years for sleep as I worked the night shift but it was only one pill for sleep when needed.  I went thru a very stressful time and that was when I saw the psychiatrist and he upped my medication to 3 times a day and that is when the hell broke loose but my doctor never caught it.  thankfully I weaned off and I am back to my old self again.  I'm glad to hear when medication helps but there are a few of us out there that have such horrible side effects and one must be aware of this.  Good luck
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  If you want to take a benzo regular , then you need to be on an AD  has well  . Benzos can cause depression so an antidepressant ADDED is a no brainer .
A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed 80% of doctors are unaware of seratonin syndrome as a clinical diagnosis. Taking SSRIs with OTC cold and cough medicines causes seratonin syndrome.
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What do you call bad side effects to AD,S  I  once was on a 13week start up of Prozac were I lost  42lb in weight was vomiting none stop and diarrhea  like a hose pipe , no strength  to walk , but stuck it out and 1 day just woke up and it was all gone. the sun was out colours were bright the hole works  20MG OF PROZAC  and hole lot of will did that .if I had given in  at 8 weeks  that would not have happened.
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I have always struggled with one addiction or another, which has led to some pretty severe drug induced anxiety. but of course uncle sam pills were there to save the day and i started taking xanax a few years back. some of the things ive noticed are things that are heavily talked about here. i obsess over them, if i have enough to last, if my emotions are because of the pills, but worst of all my depression while taking xanax is through the roof. its a cycle of depressing harsh reality that only people who have taken it and have felt these effects can understand.. i dont have a reason for writing this, just feels nice to feel justified and not alone.
on a side note, ive noticed that marijuana has had so many benificial effects for me, and if i would just stick to MaryJane id be alright. i know some feel the same. we are in it together.
thanks for reading
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Anxiety and depression go together feeding off each other. You can even be so depressed that you don't realize you have an anxiety issue too, because it is not something you can meter, so it is easy to make a mistake. It is natural to be depressed if you are anxious a lot because of the strain of fighting off the anxiety. and the more depressed you get the more difficult it is to deal with the anxiety.
If you can reduce your anxiety the depression might go away.
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