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Xanax not working

Afraid to relax on zoloft for anxiety and waiting for it to work. I have taking xanax 12.5 mg to .25 mg and it never stops my anxiety, it only makes me sleepy. My therapist said I fight it and don't allow myself to relax. So what do you do I don't want to take .5mg and feel like a zombie. Any suggestions ?&8
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I've never felt anything from Xanax. Klonopin on the other hand is AMAZING at stopping my panic attacks. I know the feeling you're having. I'll be having a panic attack and feel like I could fall asleep standing up but I'm too terrified I'm dying to relax and go to sleep. I hope all is well soon!
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Are you on any  antidepressive medication?
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Have you talked to your doctor about the Xanax yet, like I suggested?  Did you tell your therapist?

Low doses of Xanax aren't going to be very effective for very severe anxiety.  Like I said before, you probably need a higher dose temporarily until you get over this hump.  You've got to do something.  You cannot keep going like this.  You're so anxious, and you've sought help, which is great, but you've not been able to do some of the things that would help you.  The Zoloft may indeed be a HUGE help to you (I'm hoping), but you're not going to know that for a while....so you need to do something in the meantime.

Call the prescribing doctor tomorrow and ask for an urgent appt to discuss your constant anxiety and panic.  
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Your scaring me I'm ok you make me feel that I'm going to go crazy. I have a lot of support from my family. I by saying you hope zoloft will work scares me. I usually sleep durning the night when I take .25 mg of xanax but I don't take in the morning because it makes me very groggy. I only take 12.5 mg. I'm very frustrated and impatient. I read you posts and you said in the beginning you never left your house. Didn't you feel like me in the beginning?
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Go back and read everything I wrote.

You're reading more into what I'm saying because you're in panic mode.....hence why you need to talk to your doctor about getting some relief.

Maybe if you'd try doing a few of the things I recommended, you could get out of your head for a while, which is what you need to do.
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I appreciate all your help and look forward to your posts. I agree that I focus on my anxiety, but my dr did ego testing and said this was a good drug for me. I very impatient I want to start:doing things I hope this:drug will help me. How did you feel in the beginning were.you frustrated. I read you post some where said in the beginning you had a hard time going out to get milk, but in time it got better . Yes I need resurface to help me get thought this. Please don't stop answering my posts and continue to give me reassurance .
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Sorry geno test
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Hi there...just reading some of your posts and I want to tell you that we have all been where you are as far as waiting for the medication to kick in.  As you have been told it takes a good 4 to 6 weeks before you really see the benefits.  You saying you are an impatient person does not mean diddly.  Just because you are impatient does not mean the medication is going to work faster for you.  The reality is because you are impatient, you need to find things to occupy your mind.  Start an exercise program, practice meditation, get outside and chop some wood.  Anything that is going to take you away from sitting in your house feeling sorry for yourself.  Like I said, we have all been where you are.  We know what we are talking about and we know that the benefits to be gained at the end of those 4 to 6 weeks definitely outweigh any discomfort you are feeling now.  I think I saw somebody mentioned Klonopin....I prefer that to Xanax as well.  Takes longer to work but staying in my system longer.  The reality is any benzo is going to make you tired.  You need to work through it.  But what I can tell you is that everybody that has a benzo decided to try to get by without and eventually ends up taking it anyway.  Or I will just take a half of it and then half an hour later the other half gets taken.  Just take it and don't fight it.  Good luck and remember, you asked for answers and you have been given them.  Now it is time for you to do more for yourself because constant reassurance seeking does not work.  You only feel better for a short time and then you are right back where you started.  Take care.  
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Thanks so much...great post!

Sophie, listen to what JG is saying.  She's the community leader of the OCD forum, and like she said, she's been where you are.  Actually, a lot of what you're experiencing (the obsessive thinking and constant reassurance seeking) is very much like someone with OCD would deal with.  It may help you to browse through the OCD forum, as JG has posted a lot of great helpful tips on how to get out of your head...she's recommended some great books too.  

I want to mention one other thing too.....the cycle of constantly seeking reassurance can actually be counterproductive.  It's common for very anxious people to do this....but in the long run, it's not helpful (and actually keeps you stuck in that what if cycle).  Please read the info in the following link.  I think you'll relate very much to the info in it:


Don't get hung up on the term OCD being used, truth is, OCD IS an anxiety disorder, and shares a LOT of similarity with other anxiety disorders (especially panic disorder).  The info is helpful regardless of the label.

Like we've told you, we HAVE been where you are, and it stinks that we cannot feel better quickly, but that's just the nature of how these medications work.  The sooner you try to find acceptance and quit fighting it so hard, the better you will feel.  Also, I cannot stress enough (as I've said a million times)...you've GOT to start doing things to help yourself.  You say it's hard.  Yes it is.  Nothing worth working for is ever easy in life.

My advice is to go back through ALL of your posts, and write down (or print) every single piece of advice you've gotten, and start making a list of goals....start small.  For instance, maybe today you will take a walk, and/or clean out a closet.  When you set the goal, you MUST work to complete it.  When you start feeling anxious or unmotivated to do it, do it anyway.  Say to yourself..."I HAVE to do these things, I don't have a choice...it's to make me start getting better."

You've asked us for advice...and we're giving it to you, straight from people who have lived it.  Now, it's time for action.

We're all pulling for you.

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