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Xanax vs. alprolozam

If i have a prescription for alprolozam and I take a xanax will it show up differently on a urine test? I realize Alprolozam is the generic version - other than being cheaper than xanax, what other differences are there. Xanax seems to help me relax as where Alprolozam just makes me tired. I have constant joint/muscle pain from Fibromyalgia. How come I can't get a doctor to prescribe me xanax, but they will prescribe  alprolozam?  Also, how do I get a doctor to prescribe Marinol? I am in constant pain -again due to Fibromyalgia. Marijuana is the only thing that helps me. I've had hundreds of different prescriptions and treatments over the last 17 years and nothing but a massage, hot tub, and Marijuana help ease my non-stop pain. Law enforcement people have told me to get a doctor to prescribe me Marinol and I'm having trouble finding one who will....I hurt, I hurt, I hurt. Thanks for your help
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xanax and alprazolam are the same thing...just like tylenol and acetaminophin. you can request brand name at the pharmacy when you drop your rx off...but that doesn't mean they'll have it. brand is much more expensive and rarely dispensed so it won't be easy to find a pharmacy that has it. why would you be concerned about a urine test if this is being prescribed?

many of the things you're asking are question for a doctor. for example...how to get a doctor to prescribe marinol. that's not something this forum is designed to answer. this forum is designed as a support tool for people with anxiety. there are other forums here that deal more specifically with the pain issues you discussed...but they also aren't designed to help you obtain a prescription for certain drugs. they may be useful in finding new treatment directions for your pain, though. other's may have had experiences with things that worked that you may not have tried yet.
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if your taking Xanax for "Pain" then I suggest if your going to be taking a benzodiazapine, you should ask yiour doc about Valium.
Its more for pain, and allot better for you then Xanax.

Have you ever been tested for lyme, or seen a lyme Doc?
Ive been reading "And hearing" a ton of evidence that links Fibro with Lyme.
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No offense to you whatsoever, but something just isn't adding up here.  First of all...why are you asking about what would show up in a urine test?  If you are getting the Xanax Rx'ed, then it shouldn't be a concern.  Even for a job drug screen...unless you perform a job where use of that kind of med is absolutely prohibited....if you test + and have a valid current prescription, it isn't a problem.

Just a sneaking suspicion, but if you are planning on seeking less than "honest" ways of obtaining this med (ie online, etc)...be VERY careful.  What you find on the street and online can often be NOT the same thing....with dangerous components mixed in (or sometimes with NONE of the drug you are actually seeking) to mimic the effect.

For the pain issue...try asking for a referral for a pain management clinic...there are LOADS of different ways to treat and manage pain.  While I'm sure that marijuana helps the pain....it certainly isn't the only option...and I can tell you flat out that it is VERY VERY difficult to find a doc who will Rx Marinol.  Just don't get stuck in a mindset that "A or B is the only thing that will help me".  You have to stay open mimded, and willing to try different approaches.
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Oh, and btw...the urine test would show up the same way regardless of whether you take the brand name, or the generic.  The test detects the metabolites of the drug excreted in your urine.
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