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Xanax withdrawal and Malpractice questions.

My questions are difficult and unique. But here I go with #1. How long can Xanax withdrawals last, I was on a 90 script of 2mg which is three a day. For just about 10 years never missed a day. Also never abused them it was always the amount the doctor recommended. It been since 2021 of November since I cut back. My Doctor did the unthinkable and gave me 30 1mg for a whole month instead making it 6mg vs 1mg at lower potency. Which leads me to this question. How is he allowed to do this? There's no way what ended up following him doing that stupid selfish move I had a couple grand mal siezures and 100+ regular ones. Also had a heart attack which could have been other thing ALONG with that fact but I mean he does help people out for a living. Yet I don't see anything he helped me with outside my pharm not calling him up anymore asking about the script and the quantity and dosage. Just seemed weird seeing it can kill you withdrawaling from benzos. It's been since November and I still feel lifeless. I feel helpless, I'm going to try to get my script which I have had for 10 years and can prove as well yet no one wants to... Maybe I should say OR CAN. I know you have to be a licensed doctor for the benzos. He was writing my script for almost a year then bam more the 70% percent tapper. Anything in this equation illegal. What should I do outside for to more emergency rooms. I don't feel like he should be "caring for people." I went to get a appointment after that one and they said I wasn't a patient anymore. 2021 November is when this happened.
Sorry if it's all bunched and not well formed. My mind is not well
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Good morning,

I’m so very sorry you’re going through this.  First let me say I went through Xanax withdrawals when I quit 4mg basically cold turkey.  I too was prescribed this and I took as prescribed.  Anyways I suffered seizures for a long time.  No rhyme or reason to when I had them or how long in between.  So I’m concerned for your seizures. At the time I quit the Xanax which was my idea I was doing heroin so I didn’t feel any discomfort from stopping .  But the seizures came and stuck around for over a year maybe two.  The same thing happened with my husband.  He started having seizures too.  So I’d see your doctor about this.  I no longer have anxiety that needs medication on a daily basis.  I haven’t had a seizure since.
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I'm sorry you have had all of this happen. That sounds so scary!  I do think that doctors are under pressure to discontinue chronic prescribing of benzo's.  Malpractice is a really tough claim to prove. And doctors these days are encouraged to get their patients off benzos. Was this a pain management clinic? Or did you have a contract? What was his reasoning for wanting to change so quickly? I think you will find it challenging to ever find another doctor prescribe Xanax like that for you again. It's definitely not as common anymore for the addictive reasons. Are there any other classes of drugs that help you? Propanolol? Hydroxyzine? Chronic med like an ssri? These are really the course of therapy now for anxiety. Buspar perhaps? I Personally think a medical detox for you should have been recommended. A bit slower taper.
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As to liability, unfortunately, and this may be why they stopped it suddenly, the negligence came in the prescribing at doses and for the length of time they prescribed it.  This is what gets doctors in trouble with benzo's

Some examples of medical negligence include:

    Prescribing benzos when an alternative treatment with less risk and equitable effectiveness was available
    Failing to inquire about the patient’s medical history
    Failing to ask about the patient’s past as it pertains to addiction and substance abuse
    Failing to notice any signs of benzodiazepine addiction
    Prescribing too strong of a dose
    Writing a prescription that provided too many doses or too many refills
Those are more likely to be the things doctors are sued for these days. but proving medical malpractice is challenging. You can call around and see if you find any takers at law firms that have a malpractice attorney. But docs are well insulated with insurance and will fight tooth and nail.  I'm not trying to dissuade you and agree that he should have recommend a slower taper or med detox and probably should have worked on finding an alternative to xanax sooner.

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