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Will I have anxiety forever? Will these benzos harm or kill me? My last post my doc put me on klonopin and I was taking xanx before that. Now they took me off klonopin an put me back on xanax. I am now taking 4mg a day 1 and a half pills every 4 hous. I am still very shaky and lightheaded at times, my pulse is always at 98 or higher, Why? Why me?
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I don't think anxiety lasts forever. I had anxiety real bad about 3 years ago and don't have it anymore. But that came from medication and therapy.I also had to rid myself of the stressors in my life and learn to better deal with the stress. I no longer have to take my klonopin or xanax anymore.
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Every day and night I feel for those who are locked in having to rely on xanax. I was given 2 prescriptions in 1996 and 1998 from my doctor.  One bottle was .5 MG tablets, and the other was 1 MG tablets.  I had got them filled, but like most people say on here I did not want to use drugs and get trapped by them.  I knew very little about this medication.  I was working a stressful job, that was getting worse every day, and dealing with my mother's death due to cancer.  I met a girl, thought I had someone to help comfort me and fell in love.  Right at New Year's Eve, 1999-2000 she dumped me.  I was devistated..  I could not sleep and had a lapse of having a horrible temper that even the worst of injuries/pain would not and could not stop.  I was never originally this way.  I would punch through doors like paper and just fell into an "I don't care about nothin" attitude.  Broke both hands several times, and was looking for a fight.  After several nights of no sleep, I finally gave in and started taking xanax.  I started at 1/2 a 1/2 MG and made all the difference.  Slept like a baby.  Seemed I had cured the problem.  Wrong!  I had to increase the dosage over the years.  Yes, I got scared several times and was determined to quit.  Well, no sucess.  I was fired from my job of 6 years in 2006 which pretty well put the icing on the cake.  I came home that night after a police escort from work and I picked up a full size refrigerator and threw it through the door.  Fully loaded, freon hissing out of it.  I then walked over to a 600 pound lawn tractor and flipped it on it's top.  It took both me and my father the next day with long 2 by fours to tip it back over.  The whole thing esculated over xanax and Prozac I was taking.  I noticed the two drugs have an adverse effect.  As I said before, I tried to quit but was impossible.  All the anger and temper control problems were made worse when I would try to cut back.  I was very paranoid, though everyone was out to get me and very defensive.  This year I got 4 days in jail and 1 year of court supervision because I wrote my ex-boss a nasty letter.  Don't get me wrong, it was not entirely my fault as they have tried to nail me for anything.  But the main cause was my fault.  Here it is 2007 and seeing a Psychyatrist to try and get the problem rectified.  Sometimes it seems hopeless..  "Yesterday I was a radio star, and today my world isn't worth 2 cents".  

Everyone I talk to I tell them to stay away from xanax.  It will destroy your life.  Even if my life is ****, taking 2-4 MG of xanax a night, and kills me, I want to do my best to keep this disaster from happening to someone else.  A year ago I had everything going for me including a job as a Meteorologist (my dream) and I allowed these drugs to destroy any hope I had for this.  Maybe in due time things will get somewhat better, but a bad reputation generally can't be fixed once you **** it up..  All you can do is live on I guess and help others, even if it means me having to clean toilets for a living now.  STAY AWAY FROM XANAX!!!!!!!!  I can not express this enough.  It may not be as bad as Meth, but to me I can't imagine worse.  Drugs just are not the answer.  We all have bad days, and is a gurentee things will get better.  Using a drug to curb it will make it 10000 times worse then you can imagine.  Again, please, please never accept a prescription of xanax.  You are more precious then that..
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i dont agree with all the negativity associated with xanax, sure they can be abused and ultimately control your life if you let them. but if taken the right way they are an absolute miracle drug  for panic attacks/anxiety disorder. i have been down the road of abuse i was taking up to 10 mg per day for a yr. or more. i finally tapered off and quit all together . but then i got back on them about two yrs. ago and i take 3 mg aday and i never do more than that sometimes i do less! i guess my experience with addiction has helped me not to abuse them! i feel normal again! so xanax if taken right will definately help those who need it! a wonderful drug !
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My psych just prescribed my xanax, only .25 mg, but I'm scared to take them. My sister went through a big drug use stage, alot more major things than xanax, but xanax was one of them and I just see her all messed up on the them every time I start to take one. Right now my life is miserable. I have 2 kids and can't leave my house. I'm terrified to be in the car, and havn't even left my city in over a year. I think it might help me, but I'm just to scared. I am taking zoloft 150 mg right now, but i havn't noticed a change. If I take this xanax will I still be ab;e to function and take care of my kids? Thanks for any advice given. Im only 22, and my life has been like this for 2 years. I just want to be able to got to the store and take my kids out to the park.
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A panic or anxiety attack doesn't last forever and certainly anxiety can come and go.  We can feel terrible during one period of our life and feel relatively anxiety free during others.  However, I do think a person who suffers from anxiety will always have to guard against anxiety attacks.  I think all of us will have to try to remain as calm as possible and learn to take things in stride, which can be very, very difficult to do, I know.

As for benzodiazepines, I think they're pretty safe drugs as long as they're never abused and taken as directed.  Most people have to taper off them, however, but they seem easier for most people to stop than some of the SSRIs.
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I used to be afraid to leave my own house, even to go into the garden.  In the last ten years, I've traveled all over the world, changing planes in foreign airports, etc. all alone.  No anxiety at all.  The fear can be conquered.  It's not easy, but it can be done.  I didn't take Xanax, but I did take Valium, with no bad side effects at all.  Take the Xanax!  I guarantee, it will help you.  If you are still scared of it, then ask for something else, but right now, you're life is so constricted, you need something to help you.  Good luck.
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If at all possible, I would stay clear of the xanax----for now.  Sure, it does work different for different people, makes you feel good, seems to take all worries away  but it is better to try and stay clear of the anxiety drugs as in most cases for a temporary fix, it will make the anxiety issue worse for you in the long run.  In no way am I intending to scare anyone about this issue, nor am I a qualified doctor but anxiety is naturally controlled by a chemical the brain produces.  Simular to that of people suffering from depression.  Xanax targets your nervous system giving you more of the benzodiazepines that your brain produces naturally.  However, your brain cuts back on the amount of this chemical since the xanax is providing it to you.  As time goes on, you feel the need to increase the dosage as your brain has dropped back producing the certain amount.  This is simular and in fact the same family as depression.  It is difficult to get off the xanax because your brain no longer is producing the amount of the chemical needed (since the xanax is substituting this chemical) and makes you feel worse when you try to get off the medication.  It takes a lot of time to very gently ween off of it to give your brain time to realize that it needs to start producing it again on it's own.  A person trying to get off the drug has to very gently reduce the amount you take.  I'm talking in the way of shaving off just a tiny amount from the pill and taking that amount until you stablize.  You have to keep gently reducing it tiny bits at a time until you can function OK without it. And it might take a few weeks at a time before you reduce the dosage a little more.  You just have to judge how you are feeling.

It is very difficult though as you ween off you are tempted to grab for "just a little more, just for tonight only" and you have to fight that.  Different people react somewhat differently when on the drug and when they try to get off from it. (As cleary read on this forum).  The only way to keep taking anti-anxiety meds is to use one for awhile, then go to a different prescription.  But still it is only a temporary fix to the anxiety problem and the meds eventually lose their desired effect over time.  

In my case I have never abused xanax, but it is difficult to reduce the dosage.  Also, I too am on the Zoloft @ 1/2 20 MG tablets.  1 full tablet was too much for me so I only take 1/2 tablet now every other day.  I too have not had satisfactory results with it, though some anti-depressents take a few weeks to be noticed.  I tried to ween off of it and compare it very much as the same as Effexor. The Zoloft seems to make me have no interest in doing anything. After 4 days without it I would experience what feels like electric shocks and extreme tiredness and spaced out.  It's not comparable to the xanax, though there is discomfort if stopped suddenly.  I have been on Prozac and also Lexapro but did not have much more then discomfort when I quit taking those.

Yes you will still beable to function OK on these meds, but just be aware of the "possible" side effects, more so when trying to get off them.  I understand your pain of what you are going through with  anxiety completely.  Depression too.  I have worked in broadcasting for 15 years, going to work with what seemed like hell trying to get through.  No matter how lousy I felt in all aspects, it was very difficult to try and present myself with a strait picture perfect image on the air.  There were many nights I worked that I couldn't even crack open the mic to talk. After getting canned from my radio job of 6+ years, I actually built and run my own FM station.  Is better to go see a psycologist and talk to him/her about what is bothering and pressuring you before popping the little oval orange pill.  Talk to him/her about whats putting you under stress and also about the xanax.  If the person makes you feel uncomfortable, then go seek another. Keep in mind I said Psycologist, not psychiatrist.  There is a difference. This will be easier on you then trying to quit the drug later in time like I am going through..

These are my own personal experiences and opinions.  I am not a qualified doctor this is only to reflect what I have went through while being on these meds.
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I have GPD and GAD. I was prescribed xanax for this. I took it for a few years then I became addicted - The more I took the worse my panic and anxiety was(this makes sense later, lol keep reading). So I ran out of my script and ended up having 2 violent grand mal (tonic clonic) seizures in one day. I went to the ER after the first seizure and they gave me IV Ativan and put me on a script of Librium 10mg to ween off. Well 6 hours later I was standing up talking, smoking a cigarette and I was told I screamed and gasped, fell back onto the couch, cigarette went flying and I went into another seizure(worse than the first), I don't remember any of it but I do remember "waking up" in a puddle of drool and the look of terror on my mothers face who witnessed the whole thing, not to mention I was so sore from the seizure I could hardly move let alone walk for the next few days. I didn't want to take any chances on having more seizures and the librium obviously didn't stop them.  I got more xanax so I could ween off of them. It's been since Sept 3, 2007 and I haven't had a seizure or any kind of withdrawal symptoms IE ~ hearing music when there wasn't any, seeing stuff that wasn't there, jerking of my head and neck, weird chemical smell that only I could smell.~ I have sufficiantly weened myself down to .05 mg 2X a day and seem to be fine.(I was taking up to 3 - 2mg bars a day!) I plan on weening until I am completely off of it, SLOWLY but surely.NO panic attack is worth it! I have made up my mind that I can get through them without the meds and my anxiety and panic has lessened to the point where it is almost not even there. Kinda makes me wonder why I ever took xanax in the first place!  It is obviously a VERY dangerous drug. A friend of my sister had a grand mal a week after I did, the same tonic clonic type, she "woke up" with paramedics standing over her. The cause? You guessed it...Xanax withdrawl. They told her at the ER that after 72 hours you go into full blown withdrawl(hmmm, it was right around 72hrs when I went into my first one) which could be seizures, coma and even worse. She was on less MG than me and had only been taking it for 4 months. This has got to be the scariest thing that I have ever gone through. I wish the doctor would have informed me that once you start taking this drug you can't just "stop" cold turkey. I also found that it actually got to the point where it would cause me to have anxiety and worsen the panic attacks, so I would have to take more and more. Since all of this, I have done serious research and talked with doctors and nurses about the drug. I am in no means an expert but I have been someplace that wasn't any fun! If anyone would like to talk to me, ask me any questions or share experiences feel free to email me anytime, I would be happy to help in any way I can or just be there to listen. :)
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I know exactly what you mean about the xanax.... I hate it!!! That is quite weird when my doc gave me klonopin to get off the xanax about 72 hours laer, I felt as though I was on the verge of something terrible. I couldn't speak or think, my head felt as though it would explode. I fell to the ground and couldn't get back up. I am so scared, I cry all the time. I know I am addicted to this poison, called xanax!!!!!!!! I am even thinking of going to a detox center while coming off of it! That is terrible. I can't believe I am addicted to a prescribed drug, that can harm this bad...8-(  I am on 4 and a half mg right now and ready to get it the hell out of me. Thanks for the offering of help, I may need you more to be able to talk to, if that is ok with you? Thanks Ronna
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Yep, you can email me if ya want, My email is ***@****
I hope you are doing ok, try not to worry so much you can get through this!!  :)
Take care and talk to ya soon  ~Amy~
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okie dokie...lol one of my email address is:
DJAmy2006 at hotmail dot com.
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