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My doctor put me on Xanax twice daily.
Is that bad?
People are saying not to use it daily.
Thanks :)
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i agree with what ryan is saying, you are very young and their are other meds to help with anxiety.
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I soem whjat agree with ryan, but how often do yuo take the xanax, and since  you ddint state your reasons , or symtons for being  givein thsi med its hard to say. you are young, but that doesnt mena you doent need meds, but be careful, O dont know your sisuatio, perhaps counsling would be abetter option, ask around and see whom yuo would feel comfortable with if you are  a christian, i  would suhesta Christian counlser.
I wish yuo well.
therr a are plney of nic e peopel on here to give yuo akond word and advice.

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As an adult who was on xanax for years, let me tell you how hard it was to get back off the tablet. That's what Ryan is meaning. It's highly addictive and can ruin your life. You are too young for such a tablet. I ended up in hospital just getting off the tablet. It's one hard tablet once it stops working. But just because it stops working that doesn't mean you can simply stop taking it. That's were the addiction comes into play. Your body will continue to crave the tablet. At best I can only hope you can have a word with your doctor and get him to put you on something else. Non addictive. And as was said above, a bit of counciling might do the trick without any medication at all. Just think things over and talk at home even before you settle into prolonged use of such tablets.
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Here's a quick overview of some clinical research that's been done on the usage of xanax in adolescents. I agree with you - this drug should not be used in this age group. However, it appears that Pfizer is certainly putting the money into research as indicated by this:

        * 2/05/04-5/31/05 Pfizer Inc., A Multicenter, 6-week, Randomized, Double-Blind Study of Xanax XR and Placebo in Adolescents with a primary diagnosis of Panic Disorder, total costs for the entire project- $102,000, (Principal Investigator)
        * 2/05/04-5/31/05 Pfizer Inc., A Multicenter, 6-month, Open-Label Study of Xanax XR in the treatment of Adolescents with Panic Disorder or Anxiety with Panic Attacks, total costs for the entire project- $90,410(Principal Investigator)
        * 4/05/04-5/31/05 Pfizer Inc, A Multicenter, 18-week, Randomized, Double-Blind,Continuation Study of Xanax XR and Placebo in Adolescents with a Primary diagnosis of Panic Disorder, total costs for the entire project- $60,000, (Principal Investigator)

I found this data on a psychiatrist's website when doing a google search on xanax and adolescents.....it's sad...
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As a fellow Canadian and one who has lived in the city where you reside, I feel compelled to write you and mention that first and foremost, I felt the way you do now when I was your age and kept it a secret from everyone.  Good for you that you have come forward and asked for help.  I have to agree with Ryan though...My feeling is that your doctor should have recommended a psychiatrist who does Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  The reason I suggest a psychiatrist is because he would be covered by OHIP whereas a psychologist would not.  If you can afford a psychologist, by all means, go that route.  I had to figure out the tools to help me through on my own when I was younger and was pretty successful at it too, but it sure would have been a lot easier if I had a specialist to help me through it and because you have come forward, I honestly feel that CBT will help you immensely.  Ask your doctor to recommend a psychiatrist or psychologist that will do CBT with you.  If you run into problems with this, let me know and I will see what I can do to help you find one.
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well I'm 17 and right now for the last two weeks I have been depressed as to where I can't get out of bed so I went to see my doctor and he perscribed me .50 of Xanax a day.. But now that u guys have scared me I've decided to take it when I need it. That wont do anything bad for me cuz I took 50 yesterday and 25 the day before , my doctor is looking for cbt and a phycologist (  there arnt many in my area)
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Please don't be frightened.....the general rule is that some meds are not best for adolescents...but of course your doctor knows you better than any of us could.  It would be fine to discuss some of these concerns with your doc....and maybe perhaps asking about only taking the Xanax "as needed", as you have indicated you will do.  That truly IS the best way the take Xanax in the majority of situations....and I would venture to guess it would likely be better for YOU to take it that way.  If you are just using it "as needed"...just be sure not to exceed your prescribed dosage until you see the doctor.

I'm glad to hear that you will be starting CBT, that will be paramount for you in getting a hold on this.

Please just keep the lines of communication open with your doctor...and remember that when Xanax IS prescribed, it MOST times should be a temporary course...until you make progress with therapy, and/or any other meds you have been prescribed.

There are always risks and benefits to every medication....and while it's very important for you to be aware of them....it is also important to trust your physician to take into consideration the risks vs the benefits as they relate to your unique situation.  

There are very valid concerns coming from the other posters...so please do have a convo with your doctor about these issues....and make sure you are taking it the best possible way that will not only benefit you, but also minimize any risk involved.  Sounds like thus far...you are doing a good job and taking a very small dose.

Best of luck...stick around and let us know how you're doing.  Also, because you are obviously a minor....make sure your parent/guardian is aware of how you're feeling, the plan chosen for you by your physician...and anything important they need to know.  Take Care.
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