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Yeast Infection

Hello everyone I'm back :( didn't wanna but I need help and advice. Not sure if this is the right area but there is no section for my problem.

Basically If you find my last post I was wrecked with nerves, anxiety and worry over mouth cancer and HIV with the funny symptoms I was having, they all seemed to point to HIV and it terrified me despite the fact I never really did anything to get HIV. I did have a week course of antibiotics in dec 2010 which was heavy and I believe was the problem, I also had other antibiotics previously for acne which probably weakened me prior to the heavy course.

Anyway long story short I have been to the docs many times and ENT at the hospital so far to no avail, my symptoms are oral thrush (tongue mainly) that seems to come and go, its not major, headaches, dizzy spells and an increase with my athletes foot problem which all point to a candida problem. I have had a recent HIV test (again) which my docs kinda wanted me to have, they didn't say it but I could read between the lines so to speak, and it was negative so HIV is not the issue.

When I last posted here I was told I probably had a candida problem and I did try to fix it by cutting back on sugary food, eating garlic, probiotics etc...all the things that I could read about I tried but I still have the issue :( its been almost 8months now.
It is VERY hard to avoid sugary food and eat the candida type diet which many sites suggest, virtually impossible I'd say, but I still don't feel comfortable without a proper doctors word that I have this issue to be honest.

I guess I just need to know if its normal that this problem can last this long and what the hell should I do!!?
I do recall eco-balance which I'm gonna try asap, I'm still trying to avoid sugary foods as best I can but its tough.
Is it normal for men to have this issue cos most places I read about it online are directed towards women.

I lasted about 1month 2weeks eating raw garlic everyday, as little sugar as possible etc...but I slowly lost it and my friends were saying my breath was garlic smelling so I stopped that, I do have it maybe acouple times a week still but I use Kwai garlic tabs everyday now mainly.

Also use caprylic acid tabs but they don't seem to do anything, been using those for 1month 3weeks now.
Also used coconut oil twice a day for about 1month 2weeks but I got sick of eating it really and overall I know that I've probably been feeding the candida with sugar which I have still been intaking the whole time, not lots of sugar with chocolate etc..but the fact that even good things have tiny bits in them, all foods do.

Really need some advice or help folks :(
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Forgot to mention but could an over/under active thyroid be a possibility? just a thought.
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Candida is hard to treat if it becomes systemic, and it becomes systemic usually because of overuse of antibiotics and steroidal medicines.  The little fungi are attracted to sugar and dairy and a weakened immune system.  It's easier to spot in women, for obvious reasons.  Let's assume it hasn't really become systemic -- if it had you would be suffering fatigue and other things, and doctors can detect that.  What they're not so good at detecting is the long-term presence of candida infections in the intestinal tract in men.  Many doctors also still dismiss this problem altogether.  I have no idea if this is what you have, but if you do, you might try a supplement made by Herb Pharm called spilanthes usnea compound.  The best garlic to use to avoid eating raw garlic is New Chapter Garlic Force.  This is an expensive supplement.  If you do use raw garlic, you have to mince or make a juice of it first for it to be effective.  Kwai isn't likely to be that effective for this use.  The strongest anti-fungal is oregano oil, which can be taken in alcohol tincture form or capsule form.  It's stronger in the alcohol form, but it's got a strong taste and can burn going down.  These are best taken in a little water.  And it will take months for it to work, if it works, not a few days if you don't want it coming right back.  Dietary restrictions as you've already seen are hard to follow, and if you don't have systemic candida, meaning it's gotten into your organs, you probably don't need to do all of them -- just reducing intake, which you've done.  If it's systemic, that's much harder to deal with.  The best probiotic is one that emphasizes reuteri.  As to thyroid, anyone with an anxiety problem should get their thyroid checked.  Good luck.
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Well Ive had this now for 8months!! is that normal? is it normal in males? even on this forum all the info and questions are for women :( I feel totally alone with this :(

As for symptoms and this systemic...mainly I get tongue issues...dry sensation, fuzzy feeling and sometimes Im sure I get a touch of thrush/white patches which seem to come n go. Minor headaches, minor dizzy spells, hot/numb feeling across my forehead, it has affected my athletes foot problem and touched on my hayfever, all of which I have read it can affect. I did have afew mouth ulcer issues awhile back too but that seems to have stopped. It was the tongue issues that got me so HIV obsessed and scared.

Can you tell me more about this oregano oil, are the tablets easily found? I have a good chemist near me which sell allot of that kind of thing so hopefully I can get some. tablets r ok right as I prefer that.

I realise it will take up to 3months or so of doing whatever, have you heard of 'eco-balance'? its a UK thing and was suggested to me on here along time ago, was thinking of trying that.

What do you by systemic? I believe I got my problem from antibiotics, I did have a very high sugar diet before this, I ate tonnes of chocolate, deserts, soda etc...and people would say I should be careful as I may get diabetes hehe so maybe that didnt help prior to the antibiotics but those anti's really pushed it over the line it seems. First ones I took were for an acne problem (but Im sure they werent that strong, 2 a day) and that gave me the headaches/dizzyness issue then I had to take a week course about 2months later for cellulitis on my toes (probably caused by athletes foot according to doc) which was a very strong course of 12 a day :(  but all this was last dec!! 8months ago!

What annoys me is everytime I go the docs they say my tongue is fine and seem to think it may be something else.
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I think what I would really like to know is why is this problem not going away!?

If the antibiotics did this and maybe my high sugar diet prior to that contributed....fine, but why is it not healing?? its been 8months!! and I feel the same.

Can't the body recover from this on its own over time? its driving me nuts :(

Is it worse in men? like I said before I feel alone here as its all for women it seems.

It just seems to swap between the tongue and headaches/hot sensation across my forehead, its either one or the other, when one is fine the other acts up and vice versa.

Please any more advice or info.
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As I said, doctors can test for yeast.  If you don't have it, your problem lies elsewhere.  Thrush usually doesn't cause a lot of symptoms and usually goes away by itself.  Have you been tested for candida, or are you just guessing you have it?  Athlete's foot is a different kind of fungus.  What you can do right away is get a good refrigerated probiotic at your local health foods store that emphasizes reuteri -- even if you don't have a yeast problem this will help replenish the beneficial organisms antibiotics have killed off.  But as you don't appear to have confirmed with anyone that you in fact have a yeast problem, treating it as one will get you nowhere if the problem lies elsewhere.
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Do you have any ideas what it could be if not a yeast infection?

my symptoms match the yeast problem, afew docs have told me I don't have thrush but my tongue is 'upset' for sure, the hot/numb sensation across my forehead worries me and I have told this to the doc before but no one seems to do anything.

could it be thyroid u think? or maybe just mental and I'm doing it to myself?

I have been taking probiotic capsules from 'Health Aid' which have 50billion per capsule 'ImmuProbio', doesn't mention reuteri though. I just noticed it says they should be stored in the fridge...why is that?? never realised that, so now they are in the fridge, I'm guessing to keep the bacteria alive or something.

What i really wish to know is can't the body heal itself of this problem (if it is this problem) on its own in time?
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What I would really like to know is why this problem doesn't go away :(

If it was caused by the antibiotics why does it still persist!!?
Can't the body naturally heal itself with this!!?

Its been over 9months!! am I gonna have to deal with this forever?
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In the past I was on message board with people treating their yeast.  The best thing to do is get with a natural practicianer to see if they can do testing on what kind of Candida you have.  The lab would suggest what supplement to take for it.  I had a problem with mind that it didn't culture.  You will have persistant candida problems if you don't remain on the diet while dosing and there after.  Another problem with having candida is that you could have food and chemical sensitivities.  I would look into that as well.  And I would get further nutritional testing to see if you body is nutritionally defiecent in a vitamin or even a mineral.  Correcting imbalances is also a key to getting well.  Also make sure you do have a thyroid check and especially for females your monthly hormones too.  It isn't a bad idea to do body cleanses at this time also.  Especially a bowel cleanse.
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Im waiting to get a check at hospital where I will ask about thyroid for sure, problem with natural medicine advisers is they cost a fortune. I have looked into seeing someone but the first appointment was about £60!! with further appointments at about £40 which is crazy, I have also thought about going private but unsure if that would be any different to NHS services (Im in the UK)

What I dont understand is how come the body can't recover from this naturally, and is it normal for this to be happening still after 9months from just one course of antibiotics?
This is why Im worried it may be something else.
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Been to hospital and saw a specialist of some kind hehe she stuck a camera down my nose to check my sinus and throat area I presume, I did mention possible thyroid problems but she assured me everything was perfectly fine but did recommend a vitamin/iron bloodtest, I did mention I had one earlier this year about 6months ago but Im fine having another.

She say I might of had a yeast infection but she doesn't think I have one now as she saw no signs of tongue problems...but I did say it tends to come n go allot but it is better I admit, not perfect.

Still get these weird minor headaches and strange hot/numb feeling across my forehead though :( and still the odd tongue sensation of dryness or fuzzyness, its so damn weird.
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I have been struggling with the exact same symptoms.  I have been getting yeast infections none stop for 9 months.  I also get the funny feeling in my forhead(tingling tight feeling) the thrush symptoms come and go in my mouth, dizzy spells and headaches and anxiety attacks when I have a yeast infection.  My doctor has test for everything STD wise and I have come back clear.  My test for yeast came back as heavy yeast.  The yeast can cause all those symptoms you are having when it has overwhelmed your body like mine.  I have been treating it with some pretty heavy stuff and it still comes back.  The concern is why?  Why does it keep coming back?  My doctor is now testing for diabetes and possible thyroid problems.  He also mentioned that my immune system needs boasting and I have started taking quality multi vitamins.  When I am finished this treatment for the yeast I will also begin HCp synbiotic kit providing complete pre & probiotic protection.  I think you can be sure your symptoms are from a very heavy yeast infection.  You are either failing to get rid of it or something else is comprimising your immune system and causing it to reaccure.  I hope you get a doctor like mine who really listens and is trying to figure out what is going on.  
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