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Your not alone

after being a member here for almost 6 years now hence the nickname change in 2009 i decided id start blogging my self. i had a fall after coming off and staying off my meds for about a year.

below is my youtube video from last night which i will update every other day depending on how many are interested.

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Thanks for sharing!  I found it very interesting and will be definitely be helpful for others!  Keep up the good work!  One thing I noticed is that the more you talked, you seemed calmer.  

I also give you a lot of credit, you seem to handle a panic attack very well.  A lot of us wouldn't be composed enough to make a video.

Glad to hear the Celexa is starting to help.  

SO nice of you to offer to help people when they're in the midst of an attack!

Keep up the good work!
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thanks ill continue to add on if interest builds.
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