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Zinc picolinate and increased anxiety

I start to use 10mg of Zinc Picolinate for block aromatase activity.
10mg is a very small dose since RDA is 15mg for men.
For one week my anxiety went down and I have noticed an increase of sex drive.
After one week, I start to experience very high anxiety and insomnia.
My sleep was full of nightmares, so I decided to stop this supplement.
Can be a chelation or candida problem?
I know that zinc lower copper but it would be strange if this imbalance is caused in just one week with a small zinc dose.
I'm confused because the first week I slept very well, what's your opinion?
Have you ever have this reaction from zinc?
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Any idea?
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It's really impossible to say.  As you say, that's a low dose of zinc, well within limits, and probably not enough to leach out other nutrients to a noticeable degree.  But zinc can be stimulating in small ways -- it ups immune system activity and it also can affect testosterone levels, usually in a beneficial way but I suppose a very sensitive person could notice.  You also could be sensitive to the picolinic acid.  With supplements, it's a process of experimentation, and by stopping this one you apparently solved the problem, which is the good thing about natural remedies -- they're almost always really easy to stop taking if there are adverse events.
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Hi, thanks for the answer.
So, it's possible that higher immune system could kill parasites, bacteria or candida and bad toxins increase my anxiety...
I have tried to find information of picolinic acid but I haven't found much about side effects.
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