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Zoloft Issues and Klonopon


I was recently put on Zoloft becuase I have tourette's syndrom which is a tic disorder, along  with anxiety and a little OCD.  I was on Klonopin but my doc wanted me to try Zoloft.
So i go on Zoloft and by the 3rd day I felt anxious, like I was on speed.  I called my doc and she said to stio taking it.

A month later I see her again and she claimed that it was impossible that I was feeling what I felt the first time (anxiety, jitteriness, tic increase, hard to think) becuase  I had only been taking it for three days.  She bascially siad it was all in my head.

Therefore she  sugested I try Zoloft again along with a steady dose of Klonopin for about a month to counteract any anxiety that I was making myself feel.

So now it's been two days and im beginning to feel the fogginess/jitterness again, and I'm taking the klonopin to help with that.  The klonpin helps a bit (I'm taking .5mg twice a day) but I still feel off.

Any suggestions?

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I am sorry that you are dealing with this right now.  Whenever I started, stopped or adjusted dosage of an SSRI like Zoloft my anxiety and side effects increased.  I felt a lot more on edge (which was probably due to my worry and some actual effects of the medication).  In my experience, the side effects leveled off within a couple of weeks of starting Zoloft.  Quite often a doctor will prescribe a benzo to help with this until you get up to the prescribed dosage of the SSRI.  After a couple of weeks, I really started to see the benefits of taking it, however, all meds can affect us in different ways.  
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Thank you so much.

Yes it makes sense, my body needs to get use to it.  So the benzo helps.  I feel much betterm but then sometimes the wooziness hits me, but I'm sticking to it and trying to be calm.

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Did the doctor try to replace the klonopin with zoloft? I hope not, there are terrible withdrawl effects from klonopin. Even when I weaned off "slowly", I felt horrible, like a nightmare. And I was not abusing it, I was taking what the doctor prescribed.
Is the zoloft for depression, or is it supposed to help with the tics?
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