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Zoloft and Xanax

Does anybody have any good outcomes from taking zoloft and xanax for Anxiety and depression? I am on the highest dose of zoloft 200mg  a day, I'm just scared! Thanks, Ronna
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I am on zoloft 150 mg, and my psych just prescribed me xanax, but I've been to scared to take it, for my sister was addicted. She wasn't prescribed and was way abusing, but I'm still scared. My psych did tell me though that some people take 800 mg of zoloft. I was scared about taking the 150, and then she told me that, so I'm not sure. Does the xanax help you, and does it have any bad side effects?
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Yes, the xanax helps, I don't have side affects from it. At first you may feel tired right after taking it though, What happenend to me was I developed a tolerance and had to keep raising the dose. That is the only bad thing, the body developes a tolerance and the dose that you start with isn't enough anymore. I feel addicted now because I take it every 4 hours and that doesn't seem like enough. Are you on any benzo's right now?
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Hi Ronna,  I take zoloft, wellbutrin, and xanax.  The xanax is just to counteract the anxiety from the wellbutrin that happens less and less often as my body become adjusted to the wellbutrin.  The combination of the wellbutrin and zoloft really helped me.  I wouldn't worry about the combination of the xanax and zoloft, other than making you more sedated, but you'd probably welcome that if you are feeling anxious.   Xanax is addicting, and some folks have trouble weaning off of it, 'cuz you can only wean off with Xanax, not another  of the benzos.  With the doseages of Zoloft and Xanax that you're taking, maybe you and your psych would want to discuss a different ssri, or maybe going to a tricyclic?  Good luck to you, I hope that you are feeling better soon
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how does the combo of all three effect you? and if you dont mind me asking what are you taking them to help with?
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