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Zoloft dose increase question

I was started on Zoloft 5 weeks ago at 50 mg and was doing great at week 4 - at that time Zoloft was increased to 75 mg and I have been taking that dose for 7 days and I feel agitated and anxious.  I am not sure how long I should give the dose increase side effects to go away or just go back to taking 50 mg, I was doing very well on 50 mg.   I called my mental health facility but there is not a nurse there today. The Pharmacist there had no answers and my appointment with the NP isn't until June the 18th.   I know it takes 6 to 8 weeks to really get into your system and I expected side effects when I first started Zoloft but am not sure about these side effects after 7 days going from 50 to 75 mg -  Agitation, anxiety, skin burning from the inside out, etc.     I am also taking 300 mg of gabapentin 3 times a day, vistaril, and klonopin.

Any replies are appreciated, thanks =)
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Hi,my name is Kristie I was on Zoloft about 10 year's ago, was on it about a year I quit because of a few side effects the main one was no sex drive....almost lost my boyfriend because of it!!! Other side effect was weight gain. Was off depression meds until 3 years ago when I got diagnostics with stage 4 breast cancer. Doctor put me on paxcil at her two years on that and the highest dose ...he put me on lexapro 20mg seems to be doing great! How long you been on kolopen? If u feel anxious try a half of kolopen...
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I have been off and on Zoloft for many years.  Overall, I have had an extremely positive experience with it.  Whenever the dosage was adjusted, I would notice some side effects.  It did take a little while for my body to adjust physically, but I also knew some of them were also psychological as well due to the fact that I was initially apprehensive to take it in the first place.  In my experience with it, it took a good 3-4 weeks to notice the benefits of it.  When combined with counseling, I believe that it has helped me in a big way.
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Thanks for the replies, they are very appreciated <3
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