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I was just wondering if it's normal with the first couple of days of use of Zoloft if it's common for it to make you a little more anxious and if so how long before it subsides?
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It's been so long since I took zoloft that I don't remember.  I know it made me irritable.  Some other meds can cause increased anxiety though.  I'd say call a pharmacy or dr and ask them.  sorry I couldn't be more help.
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Thanks :) it is only the second day of me taking it so maybe its just my anxiety (i hope) I do have high hopes that this medication will work for me cause I hear it is one of the safest to take while pregnant.
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I am currently taking zoloft since nov 09, I've had to increase the dosage twice and am now on 150mg, the first couple days are worriesome I was jittery, and can cause diarrhea, and I did feel a little panicky. it is suppose to give you a boost of energy (per my psychiatrist) but if you are in panic mode you may feel it is just exacerbating your panic attack. It does go away in about 4-7 days. the therapeutic affect doesn't kick in until 3- 6 weeks (per my psychiatrist) but I started feeling a difference around the 3 week. Stick with it i've heard a lot of good things about this drug. Also, the psychiatrist also stated that the generic brand makes a biggggg difference. I was originally on very cheap generic and he switched me to 'greenstone' generic.  I hope this is helpful. Keep with it.  
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Thank you very much :) your post was very helpful I will stick to it for sure. I take it about 1 hour before I go to bed so Im not sure if I should take it at a diffrent time of day or what but again I just started it so I know I need to give it some time but thanks again for your post very helpful!
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