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Zoloft worked for 2 years. Then i had to do a bump up of 100 mgs for 6 months. Now i have back again. Hoping 150 bump up advised by doctor will work. Has anyone had this happen.
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My zoloft has been adjusted for years. I have been taking it for 14 years. I have gone from 25 mgs to 150 mgs to 100 mgs and am now back on 25 mgs all with under my doctors supervision.

In my highest panic and anxiety moments, I have been slowly increased to the higher amounts. Once I am able to again control the anxiety and panic my dose is decreased where I stay most of the time.  So Yes, I do think the increase will help you, it has always helped me.
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Thank you for getting back to me. I have been taking zoloft for 2 years with a bump up 6 months ago that was effective. Now I was bumped from 100 mgs to 125 for a week and now i have been on 150 for 6 days. Yesterday i felt it was gone. Not so today. How long does a bump up take to work
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Sorry to bother you again do u think a bump of 50 is generally effective.  As 6 months ago it was bumped but i got it back. Has this ever happened to u within 6 months. Thank you again
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Sometimes when you up your dose you can get a little anxiety. It can also take awhile for the new dose to kick in as your body adjusts. It's really hard to say how long because we're all so different.I would think maybe within a couple of weeks. If you start feeling alot more anxiety give your Dr a call.
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Thank you.  I am starting to feel better.  It is great to have a place to converse. Thanks again
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