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Hey there, I'm new to this whole forum thing and I just started Zoloft 2 days ago. I have severe panic disorder and that includes fear of medication. Having side effect like jitteriness and dizzy spells. How long will this last? Is it normal to have more anxiety on the medication? Anybody else feel like there heads stuck in a cloud starting Zoloft?
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Hi, and welcome to this forum. You will find the people here to be very caring, nice and helpful.
Can I ask what dose you were given? Sometimes, in my opinion, it's better to start with a smaller dose and work your way up. Again, just my opinion. Zoloft is used not only for depression but anxiety too. Many people do very well on it. It can take awhile to build up in your system so don't get upset if you do not see results immediately. You may have some nausea and a little dizziness the first few days. Don't worry if you do because this is common with most of these meds. Then again, you may not have any start up side effects.
We're here to listen and help you anyway we can.
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Hi remar, thank you for being so kind, as I'm sure Ur aware it can be very nerve wracking to even try and reach out to people when u have anxiety and I appreciate u giving me Ur time! Dr haS prescribed me 25mg for 2 weeks and then I'm to switch to 5mg. I'm also on .50mg Xanax as needed  but the Xanax can make me foggy too. I'm willing to wait this out bc my anxiety has become so debilitating I'm not sure who I even am anymore! Medication is one of my biggest fears but at this point I have nothing to lose! Just praying it will help, any things gotta b better then these last couple years.
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25 mgs is the usual starting dose with Zoloft. When I was on it I actually cut the 25 mgs pills in half for the first week, then went up to 25 mgs the second week. If you're really afraid of starting this med you might want to try it the way I did. You can always call your Dr and ask if you can do it this way.
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I'm currently on Effexor XR 75mg for Social anxiety disorder how ever, I'm thinking of switching over to Zoloft with less side effects.
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Hi, I have just started on Zoloft recently, too.  Last night started my second week.  First week was 25 mg and last night started 50 mg.  Adjusting to a new med is scary, but I posted last night and had several kind people reach out to me and that was very comforting..just knowing someone else understands is a great feeling.  I wish you all the best.  I have severe anxiety and panic as well.  
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Do you get insomnia from Zoloft? or does it make you sleepy.
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