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I was zoloft for six months at 100 mg, and it gave me my life back for those six moths.  Then i think i experinced some breakthrough anxity and my doc upped it to 150 mg., how long does does it take for an increased dose t work?
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Give it at least two weeks to see improvement.  After that, improvement should continue until the zoloft has completely atuuned to your system, and that can take up to a year.  Don't get frustrated.  Be patient and continue to take the zoloft as directed.  I have taken zoloft, and i know it seems like a long wait for it to work, but it will.  Blessings - Blu
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Impossinle to know! We are all similar, but unique in important ways. Try to be patient, the benefits take longer than the unwanted side effects usually. Getting your life back sounds good. you can do it again, but it may take a little longer than you anticipated. Patience/relaxation are key components in your quest for peace of mind. Good Luck
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