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So far been on zoloft for a week and still waiting for these side effects but still nothing I know this drug takes a couple of weeks before it starts working for the good but thought I would ave seen some side effects by now how long does it take to get them?
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Every Individual will response differently. My recommendation is not to foucs on the side effects (let it comes naturally if it really comes at all) but looking towards feeling better as the days go by. I know its not easy but read my post regularly to remind yourself. :) I hope this would help you.
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Yh true been suffering for the last 9 months just can't wait to get better now
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Each person's experience will be different.  Some might have little to no side effects.  Others, like me, got almost all of them!  I agree with nickwch, just take each day 1 at a time.
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For me it took about a good month and a half for side effects to completely ware off but everyone is different. Especially with anxiety, you may think youre having a certain side effect when youre really not. Just be patient because I can tell you from my experience it work wonders. Hang in there. ♥
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For me the Prozac never gave me side effects. It is possible for people to not have any side effects... It seems like you know it can take 6-8 weeks for these pills to take full effect though.
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