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Does anyone know how long it takes for prozac to get out of your system, I was only on it for 2 weeks but had very bad side effects from it? My last does was Wed morning and now starting Zoloft. Still feeling very very anxious!! Any comments would help!!
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Well both Prozac and Zoloft take weeks to kick in fully. What was your side effect on Prozac?
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I was having panic attack after panic attack, on edge, jittery and very nervous and my head had really funny thoughts nothing really bad just was thinking of weird things!!
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Did you start on a low dosage? Sorry you had those side effects but Prozac can take 6-8 weeks to start working fully. The first few weeks being the worst! I hope the Zoloft treats you better.
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Prozac is the longest lasting ssri -- it stays in the body for about a month or more, whereas the others leave withing hours.  That is also why it is the easiest to stop taking -- the brain has some time to adapt to not having it in the system.  It's also why you have fewer problems missing a dose accidentally.  But it's also a stimulating antidepressant, so it doesn't tend to work for anxiety as well as, say, Zoloft even though it's an easier drug to quit taking.  
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