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I was wondering if anyone could answer this question.  I was on Lexipro for 1 1/2 years  10 mgs and then it did not work, as I got a relapse.  He upped it to 40 mgs and it did nothing.

  The Doctor switched me to Zoloft, which worked for me a few years ago.  He tapered me where I took 10 mgs lexapro and 50 mgs of zoloft for one week.  Then the second week no more Lexapro just 100 mgs of zoloft.  It has been six days on the Zoloft 100 mgs and I still do not feel myself.  Does anyone know how long it will take to work?  I am sooo upset.  Thank you
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Im tapering of paxil to Zoloft..but it is going to be a slower process...nausea is the worst symptom...what is not feeling normal for u?
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