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My daughter has been diagnosed with general anxiety, stress disorder. She is 18, a competitive long distance runner and puts a lot of stress on herself to preform well, which she does. today the doctor prescribed Zolft.  My concerns with this drug are the fact tht there is weight lose. I believe that in persuit to be healthy and run well she also has some eating issues. She is 5'6" and her weight is down to 97 lbs.  She was at  118 in March . She was running division one college  until 3 weeks ago when she got injured and she rapidly became stressed  and depressed. So, why would the doctor order this drug knowing that she could loose more weight? She is so thin now ....
I was reading about Prozac would that be better? Thanks for your help
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I'm not 100% but wieghtloss is only a possinble side effect of the drug.  There have been lots of people on Zoloft report the exact opposite sideeffect.  They have added wieght.  And are now having a tough time  shedding the extra pounds.
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I run competitively and have been on Zoloft.  I am not sure if the weight loss is due to the drug.  I would suspect it could be from depression, pressure, etc, but that weight is definitely not healthy.  Most people here on this forum will actually talk about weight gain while on these types of medications.  Is your daughter talking with a counselor? If not, it may time to do this, especially with the weight loss...please keep us posted!
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Yes she was seeing a counselor  before she went away to college. She was supposed to call if she felt the need...but guess what she didn't. She kept calling me and was stressed about her injury and not be able to run. I took her to see the counselors and phyc. center at school. Thats when they decided that she needed to try medication. She see's the counselor, and nutritionist now. I want so desperately that if the anxiety can get under control so will the eating issues. she says she knows that  she is under weight and that she doesn't like it and she trying to gain. But I don't think that she can admit it to herself thats its more than the anxiety and stress that she is putting on herself.
I am just concerned that the medication will result in weight loss, no matter how little she cannot loose a single pound.
Thanks for your response it helps to talk.
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