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My doctor prescribed me zoloft today.  Is this a good drug for anxiety?  Could someone please tell me what they think of this drug? Are there any bad side effects?  How long does it take for it to start working?   Thank you.
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As you probably know already zoloft is a SSRI and often used to treat anxiety or depression . I've tried Zoloft before and it was not bad but I had some side effects and swapped. Personally I think Zoloft and Lexapro tend to be a bit agitating, so they may be more useful for someone who is more depressed than anxious.

As to side effects, until you try it you won't know, sometimes you will notice some side effects in the first week. If you persevere with these side effects it takes around
4-6 weeks before the full effects of the medication takes place. Of course if the side effects are really not tolerable discuss with your doctor. With any antidepressants, what I understand from my doctor is that the "danger" zone is when first commencing , changing doses and tapering.

Good luck,

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i take lexapro and so far its doing good. no side effects.. its different for everyone.
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