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I keep having these terrifying dreams of zombies, and wake up paniced my heart is racing and feels off, and I cant even go to the window because im afraid its real, but deep down I know its not. But I still freak out, and sneak quietly around the house terrified. Is there anyway to stop these nightmares?
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Hello, would you believe that bad dreams, nightmares, or dreams of falling off a cliff or mountain etc. are symptoms of lack of Magnesium? So that's whats gonna help.

Mg Glycinate caps take it as per bottle instructions. It will help you sleep soundly and have more pleasant dreams. :) Its an easy fix, give it a few days to really work.
Avoid the more common Mg Oxide as this will cause loose stools..

Am I reading your age right ? Are you 95 YO ?
Just wondering cause you are hi tech being that age. :)
Sleep tight..
5664897 tn?1375480696
im 15
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Haha, thats a century difference. T'was a typo.. good you got it corrected.
But Magnesium will still be helpful to you. Try it, it's safe. Its a supplement that our body needs. Mg Glycinate is $4.00 per bottle of 90 here in US. Just take a couple of pills before you go to bed. Take care..
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You could get it on line or from regular Pharmacies. I rechecked where you are, you are in US.. so its easy to get. Gwyneth Paltrow takes this also for sleep. She talked about it on Dr. Oz.
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