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abdominal pulse after quitting marijuana

I am 19 years old, 169-173cm and 46-47kg. Ok, i started marijuana when i was 16 (occasionally) and stop smoking. Early this year, i started to smoke again and smoke regularly. For the past few months i smoked daily. Everyday i woke up, i hit a cone or 2, and after few hours i'd hit another cones. Its like my daily routines so basically i took at least 5/6 cone a day. Last week, i quit marijuana because i suffered panic attack. Since then, i felt difference, I am not what i am used to be. Ive been suffering anxiety since i quit marijuana. Anxiety, mood swing, depression and sometimes panic attack are hitting me since i quitted.

2 days ago, when i was about to sleep, i feel my abdominal are pulsing and panic attack comes again. I could not sleep and i felt really cold. When i read at the internet, abdominal pulse is one of the symptoms of abdominal aortic aneurysm. And yess, when i read that the anxiety come again and again. My miind just could not get out of this thing. i kept thinking about this. Not only abdominal pulse, sometimes i had sweaty palms, chest pain, dizzyness, body weak, lower back pain and before i went to bed my heart beat rate increasing ( because i kept thinking ).

I wanted to go for scanning but i decided to go to local clinic to checked on it whether its serious or not. I went to the doc and he said its nothing, he checked on my abdominal (by using his hand) and he said nothing to worry about. he checked my lower back using stethoscope and he said its nothing. the pulse is caused of my body, i am too skinny. Thin person would easily feel the pulse because of the blood pressure etc. The doctor gave me the tablets ( vitamins, muscle relaxant, nerve and indigestion ).

Need an opinion from you guys, should i believe the doctor? its not like the doctor was lying, i knew he was telling the truth but the symptoms i had most of it are abdominal aortic aneurysm symptoms. Or it's just the marijuana? i know it takes 3 month or longer for the marijuana to get out of my body. Im confused, it is the effect of quitting marijuana or the aneurysm? the best way to know the aneurysm is to scanning my body(CT, ultrasound etc) . Lately i also lose weigh, i lose 2-3kg and it makes me look like a drug addict. helppppppppp mee

is it the aneurysm or the effect of quitting? HELLPPPPPPP
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You did the right thing by going to get checked out my your doctor, but in my opinion, you should believe him.  I can lay down and see and feel my pulse in my abdomen.  Many people can; especially thin people.  

Pot can definitely increase your anxiety in my opinion....have you thought about toning it down or stopping?  
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Yess, pot does increase anxiety. Im suffering it now, i read your profile. You experienced the anxiety. But do you feel the pulse? The pulsing at you abdominal? the pulse is scaring me, what else did you suffer? I went to hospital this evening, and again. The doc said nothing to worry. He gave me xanax, and use it when needed. The doc said no need to scan because its nothing, but I still confused b/c i have not do the scanning, what do you think? I quit already, been sober for almost a week and suffering the side effect of quitting
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