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How does therapy help anxiety? Is that really any different than talking to a friend or family member?
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Hi there.  Well, the difference in talking to a therapist or psychologist is that they have professional training to help you.  They aren't just a sounding board randomly thinking of things to help, they'll use known methods to try to help you uncover what the root of your anxiety is and ways to overcome it.  They help to clarify in a way that our loved ones aren't trained to do.  They have the experience of working with a number of people that have unique but similar issues and will know the things to try in order to make progress.  Talking to friends and family is great too but not in a way that provides true mental health help that an experienced professional can give you.  luck dear
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Well put, specialmom!

You can ask your doctor for a referral to therapy.  A specific kind of therapy that is very helpful for anxiety sufferers is CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy.  CBT uses techniques to help the patient retrain the way they think, and work towards diminishing that anxiety response.  Ask your doc if he/she can recommend someone well versed in CBT.  You'll get the benefits of the traditional "talk therapy" along with some of the newer CBT based approaches.

Good luck, keep us posted!!
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I find that talking to a therapist is better than family. Sometimes Anxiety can stem from childhood upbringing. For example my anxiety def comes from my mother so when I am in therapy I can talk freely about what is going on and what the triggers are for anxiety. I also take cymbalta which helps with anxiety and makes me think clearly.

The doctor will help by using cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy etc. It is the better way to go if you want help.
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Your question reflects the sad truth that many people don't consider mental problems to be an illness, they are.

While my struggle with depression and anxiety remain manageable - but I may yet get medical help.

Both my wife and our son (an adult and medical doctor himself) suffer from depression and my wife also anxiety.  They have both been helped by psychiatrist (MD) and therapist or psychologist.  

I believe my son, who doesn't consult me, is not taking any drugs and only occasionally takes therapy from a psychologist.   My wife, on the other hand, takes medication and has regular contact with her psychiatrist and takes medication prescribed by him.  She still has a therapist, as needed..

In the case of my wife and me (to a lesser degree)  the problems in physical health and the reality of aging aggravates our emotions.  My son, however, was clinically diagnosed with depression when a young man, and likely suffered from undiagnosed depression when he lived with us as a young boy.  

Before these experiences T too thought  mental illness was just an excuse. I now know better, seeking professional help is the best path forward.
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