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adhd anxiety and depression

I have been been suffering from depression for several years, been diagnosed with adhd since i was in  elementary school, I have always had a hard time with school, work and simple tasks. Ive been taking saint johns wort and kava for about two months, cant say it has helped me with my depression but it has certainly helped me with feeling anxious. I recently got prescribed adderal for the first time, and noticed great improvement the first couple of days, it helped me focus and i felt like i got alot done, the feeling of accomplishment put me in a good mood. But  the first couple of days that i took the adderall i was all out of kava and saint johns wort, my friend refilled me with my saint johns, and kava, but this time in liquid form, plus he brought me 5-htp, to try out. after i started taking the supplements again and the 5-htp i  had the worst weekend of my life. i have never been so emotionally distraught, for no reason. i don't know if its the mixture, or the 5-htp, or the adderall, is the combination of the saint johns and the adderall. or if its because the kava and the saint johns was liquid form. i know that my emotional breakdown had to have been triggered  by something, but it just felt so unnatural. what can it be?
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Who knows what it could be? We would need to run a trial on a few hundred people to find out. But is does occur to me that you are whipping up some pretty interesting cocktails at your place, and I can't help but wonder what might happen if you just took what was prescribed in the dosage prescribed -and NOTHING else.

Could you let us know?

By the way, one of the BEST ways to get the most out of this forum to work is to JOIN it - become a part of it. Its easy -just click the Join Link -enter some profile information about yourself -even a picture if you care to- and anything you think would help us get to know you faster and better, and you can change this material whenever you like. You will also be accessible to receive private messages when other members click the name you've given yourself -sort of a "push to talk" feature. After you've done that, spend some time just using various features of the forum. For example, to see all the posts or responses that someone has made, just click their handle, go to their profile, click Posts, and read to your heart's content. You may also enter search terms -including member names- in the search box at the upper right of your screen and the system will retrun everything matching the term(s) you entered. This INCLUDES a drug database that will give you both user posts about drugs as well as the medical information about the drug. A great way to get quick answers about therapeutic effect, side effects, interactions, etc.

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If you do this kind of exploring and experimenting right away, you'll be up-to-speed quickly. If you see the message you are reading now as part of a direct response I (or anyone) has made to one of your posts, it was probably copied and pasted from this journal. I hate form letters and auto-responses as much as anyone -but I also hate forgetting to tell people what they need to know, so this is my safety-net. Consider it as part of your "Welcome" kit. So -please join and try things out.

You might also want to read my entries for the "Right Click Trick" and "When in Haste, Use Copy 'n Paste" for some other convenient time-savers.

We're glad you are here!
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