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ahh cant do this no more

My dad is phoning my doctors tomorrow as I can nolonger stand being dizzy I'm getting so scared withthese little chest pains and tight chest/throat
My dp and dr are so bad I feel like I'm getting more and more confused every day nothing of me feels mine my hands , when I talk ,wheni walk . I wake up feeling tired and ina dreamy state its wrecking my life :( I'm trying things to takemy mind off it but only fors for about 5 mins am trying to be happy . My chest wall feels weak ah just dontknow ????
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I think it's very good that your father is stepping in to help you. Personally I wish he had done it much sooner, because this really HAS to stop!
You need an absolutely complete physical to rule out any organic causes for your problems. I also believe you need to have a psych evaluation.
I know it's hard, vicky, but if you want this to end, I mean, if you REALLY can't do this anymore, then you're going to have to let the people who can help you know how bad things are for you. Those people are your parents and I'm guessing you haven't been totally upfront with them. No parent would let their child suffer like you've been. Talk to them now, talk to them from your heart and soul...........    
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O I have told them everything but all they say is I don't know or canthelp u I've ask mum 4 days in a row to phone but she keeps sayinh thry won't do anything as nthing is wrong with me: ( told her so msny times hw I feel n she just goes in a huff and......I doubt they will do anything but ill ask x ty
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Did your father phone the doctor? What did they say?
If your parents won't help you, you need to find someone who will.
Do you have a relative you can trust and talk to about this?
The school counselor or nurse?
Your religious leader?
A teacher you trust?
As a last resort, is there a hospital close by? If you go into the emergency room and talk to someone there, they will most likely get you a psych evaluation done by the staff psychologist. It may anger your parents, but sometimes we must do something drastic to get the attention of the people who love us. Your parents will come around when they realize you really are in trouble..........they may just be trying to deny it to themselves. But don't stop looking until you find someone to listen to you.
Stay strong, which I know is terribly hard when you feel like you're going crazy, but you're NOT...........and there IS someone there who will help you. Keep looking, Sweetie.
We're always here.
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greenlydia is 100% correct. Severe anxiety and panic disorder is something that most people don't believe in until they themselves are in the ER with all the symptoms of a heart attack, but no heart attack.

   Reading your post disturbed me deeply because the first time I told my wife about my anxiety, she didn't believe that it was anything worth commenting on, and actually called me a little girl over it.  A few days later I was in the hospital with chest pains and a brain bleed from my blood pressure going through the roof- a year later, my anxiety is well under control and my wife is my biggest supporter.    
   I'm sharing this with you because ultimately you may have to take care of yourself. When the people who love you realize just how miserable you are, and how much of your life has been negatively impacted by this, they'll understand. I hate suggesting that anyone do something dramatic, but in your case you should seek treatment before you harm yourself.
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Hang in there! Everything is going to be alright! 100%!

Are you on any meds at the moment? If so what are you on?

Thank God for parents who love us! =) You are going to be just fine!! Hang in there girl! =)
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Ye I'm going today and seeing a completely different doctor I'm excited because its nt onewho is going to laugh at me x ty for your support
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Thankyoufor sharing that with me and sorry you went through that aswell ano its hard but I will hopefully get there soon :) as I'm managing to get out more
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Heya nahim not taking anything atm I don't want to sstart taking meds I'm getting out more now to church and to myfriends houses so hopefully keep getting better :) I love you all for you'r help
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Vicky medication for anxiety IS sometimes necessary if you can't relax to a point where you can focus on treatment. The distractions of anxiety and panic disorder are very manageable, but at first some people can't get to a baseline point where they're receptive to treatment. That's where meds come in.
      For some lucky folks (myself included), medication isn't necessary, but each of us has anxiety in a distinctly different way. A good doctor, and a good anxiety specialist can work together to help you make an informed decision on whether or not medication is necessary. I would suggest not ruling it out, but you might be able to do the extra work where it isn't necessary... All the same, there is no stigma on taking medication for anxiety!
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Ye ihad propanolol and 6 tablets of diazapam to calm me down about 6 weeks ago had propanololfor a month but didn't help so stopped them but things are slowlycalming down and went to doctors today I have stupid scabies :( and she said just to try cope with anxiety as the best I can and togo bk if I can't x
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I think I can understand why you're a bit hesitant about medication. I can't for the life of me understand why your doctor put you on propranolol.
Propranolol is an antihypertensive, antianginal and an antidysrhythmic. It is a powerful cardiac medication!
Let me list for you the conditions it is prescribed for:
Chronic stable angina pectoris
supraventricular dysrhythmias
migraine prophylaxis
cyanotic spells related to hypertrophi subaortic stenosis

Those are the "labeled" uses for this drug. The "unlabeled" uses would take me too long to type, but way down at the bottom of the list, right under ACUTE MI (heart attack) it says "anxiety."
This is absolutely NOT a first line med for anxiety/panic/depression or the management of depresonalization/derealization.

To list just the side effects propranolol has on the central nervous system is frightening enough, they include:
bizzare dreams

In MY humble and non-medical opinion, your doctor had absolutely no business putting you on this med.
It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for propranolol to reach therapeutic levels. When you stopped taking it at approx. 4 weeks into treatment, you were right in the middle of those side effects. I would have quite, too! And they gave you SIX tablets of diazepam............only 6! What the hell did they think 6 tablets of one of the least effective benzos was going to do for you? I just can't get my head around that one, either.

And today when you saw the doctor.........aside from finding out you have scabies, she actually told to just "try and cope with the anxiety as best you can!"  Did you not tell her all the symptoms you were having and for how long you've been having them and that you just can't do it anymore? When she told you to just cope with your anxiety, did you not tell her that you've been trying for a very long time now and it's not working and you need to discuss some other options?
I just can't believe these doctors you've been seeing! Have you actually seen a medical degree on the wall? Is it from a medical school ABOVE the equator?
I hate to say this, but this doctor sounds like she doesn't have a clue either and her powers of observation are on par with Helen Keller. If you are in as bad of shape as you write us about, how could she miss all the signs and symptoms of a young girl in crisis?

Please get an adult involved with your situation! You desperately need an advocate to help you get the medical and psychological attention you need. Nobody is listening to you, vicky. You do understand that, right? Sadly, it's most likely because of your age. They are writing you off as a hormonally challenged........and in THEIR mind, hysterical, teenager. They are giving you what I firmly believe is the wrong medication and you are receiving incredibly lousy medical care.

Find someone to help you. Please.
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Heya ye basicallyshe said all that's wrong ismyanxiety and just to try push through it andi said all my symptems and she just said it was that x

I feel really horrible :( andshes given me another pill for my periods called tranexamic and imscared totake them there huge its for when imon them but I feel a sicky feeling dno what it is and feel so weird like I'm looking through aglass bowl :\
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