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all day

All day i feel the tingle on my face my neck down to my arm and sometimes i feel that my heart is going to pop out......last night i could not stop crying......need help what to do?????
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Oh im sorry, i know is very hard n overwhelm thinking the worst.. I hate feeling like im going to die or u have a illness, i get so depressed i cry n cry.. I would n still fear that i can have a heart attack ir stroke or cancer. I get really scared i cry.. No lie.. I suffer from anxiety n panics.. So i do know anxiety can make u feel so ill.. Like symptoms n stuff. I would too feel tingling or my arm hurting, i get headaches, im stress out my neck feels tense.. Only if u mention all my symptom. But i been at the doc soo many times, n so far im fine.. But i still worry so much.. Just hang in there try getting help like therapy. That can help. N praying to god.. Is a bug blessing..
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Hi i just have a question for you my jaw feels heavy and sore........and am getting dizzy spells are those anxiety symptoms too or should i be worried its something else......help!!!!!!
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Yes anxiety can cause those symptoms u be amaze what anxiety can do to u.. Sometimes we don't notice but we bite hard when we are stress out or have anxiety or tense, but i sometimes feel my jaw,like pain.. But like i said i been in n out the docs office n e.r for all my symptoms. N thank god im fine.. Is still hard to believe anxiety can cause all this.. Like scary.. But im sure ur fine.. I do feel dizzy n nauseous at times... I believe is anxiety too.
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Thanks.......I was going crazy agian.....yeah i too feel nausea at times....i also sometimes wake up in the middle of the night all scared and nervous i still can't believe its all anxiety.....
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Yes, i get that too, i wake up in the middle if the night with my heart pounding.. I get so scared, so i start breathing to calm my body. But anxiety is bad, it amazes me that anxiety is just a, mental issue.. Im not saying we are crazy but is crazy how our minds make us feel so many symptoms... I fuess all that stress can make one go nuts.
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Oh man i thought i was the only one that was feeling all these symptoms......i really thought i was going crazy....good thing i found someone who knows exactly what am going through.....thank you for your help!!!!
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