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"all the time" tremors

I've read a few posts about anxiety and tremors. My tremors started when I started medication. I've tried sooo many different meds and get bad side effects. The meds really did a number on me. Now I have the shakes in my hands and left leg all the time. Sometimes it's hard to write. I'm getting an MRI in 2 days to check. It's just weird how I never had this until I started taking meds (which don't seem to be helping) I was just wondering if anyone experienced tremors that are always there from meds or just anxiety?
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Hi.  I have tremors too.  I don't think I had them before I started on paxil about 10 years ago.  Have been off paxil for over 2 months and I still have hand tremors, but they are not as bad as they were before.  I'm not sure whether mine are from being on the meds or just anxiety either.
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It's funny that you say that because I never went on medication for my anxiety until February of this year and I have been on Celexa now for about 9 weeks and all my hands do is shake.  So I assume it is the medication that does it to you... that's the risk of the side effects.
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I am 40 im.on paxil and 2mg of ativan everyday. It seems like my hands are beging to shake more. I thought it might be normal but after reading this today im really wondering now.
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After a week on an AD my whole body jerked 24/7 every mintue for 8 months after I got off. Now at 14 months I jitter and shake all day - never had this before the AD

I only took it a week at a low dose
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