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am I having a heart attack?????

Hello, again.

I know I've been posting a lot today but I'm feeling terrible.

It's 1:41 a.m in California and I can't sleep.

I suddenly started feeling my chest numb, just on my left side though as well as my arm. I feel short of breathe as well.

I went to the ER a few days ago, got and EKG and it came back normal. I went two days ago, again, got blood work done and it came back normal.

I'm freaking out thinking it's a heart attack and am about ready to call 911 to get checked. I've never felt chest numbness while having anxiety. I was hyperventilating about an hour ago though biit if it was because of that, I wouldn't be feeling numb right now.

I read online heart attack symptoms and anxiety was one for woman.

I'm 21, healthy, a bit over weight but healthy, no history of heart problems in my family. Is it a heart attack or just anxiety.

I know I'm not panicking so that's why I'm freaking out since usually you feel like you're having a heart attack when you're having a panic attack but I'm not having a panic attack.

Should I visit the ER or call 911 to come check me?
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You seem to be quite comfortable with your medical results, so why are you still freaking about heart attacks? Are you uncomfortable with me suggesting therapy for health/heart anxiety?

Going to the ER every time you have sensations in your chest that scare you is not the best way to handle this problem.

Calling 911 and telling them you think you're having a heart attack will, I guarantee you, land you in the hospital...........EMT's can save our lives if we are indeed having an MI, but they stabilize us and then take us to the hospital. If your chest discomfort is not an MI, the EMTs are not going to just drive away.........they will transport you to the hospital where doctors will run further tests to figure out the chest pains.

You've stated that you've had at least 3 EKG's both at the hospital and at your PCPs office. I hope I don't burst your bubble, but you do realize, I hope, that an EKG tells doctors only what your heart is doing while you're hooked up to the machine. 2 minutes later, you could have a real heart attack. And that is why I suggest you see a cardiologist who has ways of testing your heart not only over much longer periods of time but tests that can identify "deeper" issues.

While the normal blood panel your PCP orders will tell him/her a great deal about what is going on inside your body, a cardiologist will often order other tests that aren't on the normal blood panels such as cardiac enzymes. These will tell the cardio if you've EVER had a heart attack.

PCPs are great for many problems, but when we have heart anxiety, seeing a specialist leaves no stone unturned.
Since you tell me you have these problems when you're NOT having a panic attack, wouldn't you feel much less anxious to know a heart doctor has given you a clean bill of health.
But that then brings us back to the issue of therapy if you continue to freak out about your heart.

I am on your side, Toots. I had heart anxiety for YEARS. Turns out I had a REAL reason to be freaked out...........I finally went to a cardiologist, the problem was discovered, I had surgery and I'm fine now. I STILL battle heart anxiety but nothing like it was and I see my cardio on a regular basis for a "tune up."

You have choices.
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Hello, Rubywitch.

I've gotten a full work done about two months ago. Blood work and EKG with my primary doctor. EKG was normal with a heart rate of 62 and blood work all came back 100% normal.
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I think you should have a complete medical work up done by your PCP as soon as possible who may refer you for further testing with a cardiologist.

If all your tests are normal, I suggest you look into therapy for your anxiety........specifically health anxiety.

I had it for years and it destroys the quality of your life. See your doctor and if everything is OK, get help........get your life back.

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