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Im so confused December 2014 my legs(quads) felt so weird and my right cheek was going numb.I didn't know what it was so than my stomach must have turned inside out i was so sick nervous anxiety.I didn't know what was going on asked my doctor he said he wanted to give me lexapro i tried it for a week i was even sicker.I stopped those pills and he found out my vitamin d was low so i stared taking D3.And my stomach cleared up but the weird feeling in my legs and check haven't bona away.I was going thru a lot of stress at the time all this started I'm not sure what to do some days you get some relief and you think finally this is over and than the cycle starts all over I'm so tired of this i was hoping it was the vitamin d but I've been on the pills for almost a year now.I never had any of these isues before i think the whole weird feeling in my legs and the cheek is freaking me out i don't know what to do what do you guys think?
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I did that too once. Probably about 3years ago, I experienced a weird feeling in my legs it lasted what seemed like months. My doctor also said I had low vitamin d levels. So I took the vitamins for months and it eventually went away but I comple stopped the vitamin, but the pain, weakness and tingling did not. Anxiety brings on do much physical symptoms it's overwhelming and puzzling at times. I think you will get better. Just try not topanic.
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Thanks so much it's glad to hear someone else's story.Its really rough I feel impatient and want this over with already I think that's why it hasn't gone away yet.
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