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anxiety, depression maybe more.

First I'm a male 21 years old and live in Garden Grove California. I have anxiety, I haven't seen a doctor and been diagnosed but I've quite had a few panic attacks, also for about 2 or 3 months I couldn't leave the house. My dad has anxiety as well and although he kind of got it he didn't at the same time. I got an anxiety workbook which had a section on some other things including OCD and depression. In the check for depression I showed 7 of the 9 signs for it. I don't do good in social situations either it can be one on one, large groups, and public speaking. It's getting to the point where it is really affecting my everyday life. I can't go to job interviews or start college, I don't like attention from almost anyone. I read that only through prescription and/or therapy can help, is this true? Also if that is the route I have to go down I have a problem I'm unemployed, uninsured I don't live with either parent although both are too poor to help anyway. What are my options?  
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Since you mentioned college that might be a good place to start. Some colleges offer therapy programs at little to no cost depending on your income. You would be working with a therapist in training but that can be a really good thing because they're up to date on all the newest therapy. If you have a local college near you give them a call tomorrow.
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If you can manage it there are usually free support groups especially in colleges. I know it's scary to be around so many people but often times you can just sit and listen. Hearing other people talk about the same issues you have can be reassuring.
Also definitely look into what remar said. Seriously colleges are great at offering services. Yes you will most likely be with a student therapist but its much more affordable.
Try therapy first and then talk about medication. It helps a lot but isn't always needed.

Best of luck :)
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i cant go to college or get a real job bc of mine :(!
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