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anxiety, gerd, ibs physical symptoms all the time?

Hi, last weekend i had severe anxiety and a panic attack, i also seem to have daily physical symptoms, gerd,pain in ribs, ibs type symptoms, i was just wondering if anyone had bad physical symptoms after having a bad anxiety/panic attack? since last weekend ive had pain in my ribs, sore stomach, chest pain and general fullness in the chest area and an irritable bowel, im fed up with the constant physical symptoms, and just wondered if anyone else had encountered this and if so their symptoms.


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hiya i have the same kind of symptoms especially chest pains, fullness and ibs its uncomfortable and unpleasant
have you seen a doctor? i think im coming to terms with the fact it is anxiety so long as your doctor has diagnosed the same maybe you should, anxiety is cruel and annoying and through therapy and/or meds can be overcome
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I can really relate to your tale of woe! I am wondering about the order of your symptoms. Mine were pretty much the opposite. I had daily anxiety/panic and THEN the body would revolt. You say you have almost daily physical problems like gerd, IBS type irritations and pain and fullness in the rib (chest) area, and then your MIND gets into the act. Aren't we just like Fric and Frac, then!
Your symptoms are pretty classic for anxiety..................the mind/body connection is massively powerful.
So, in my humble opinion, I would urge you to go to your doc for a really good check up and while you're there, discuss in detail the anxiety/panic. I think you may find that some of those dots connect. Fix one and you'll fix another. Fix another and well, pretty soon, you'll have 'em all fixed.
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hi, yeah i have the anxiety and then the panic attack and its after this, and days after, that i get the horrible physical symptoms, i have physical symptoms all the time but much worse after a period of anxiety or a panic attack, i have been to the doctor but i refuse to be put on medication,i dont like taking pills and try to control it myself, which at times is hard, especially in the middle of a panic attack!
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For what its worth, take a gander (OK, take a goose, then) at my journal "Is it possible? Could it be? (Symptoms)" and see if there's anything of value there. And get that medical consult -ASAP.
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hi,thanks i think i will make a log. I have been to the doctor with a variety of symptoms and they say its anxiety, i have not had any tests though, i live in Britain and trying to get  tests, scans and even the wait to see a neurologist takes months, the good old NHS!
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Hi, you have my utmost sympathy because I too can relate to all your symptons. It's a vicious circle and so hard to escape from. I've got so many health problems at the moment. I know I'm very anxious but I'm anxious because of all these strange symptons bombarding my body. Your list of symptons is virtually a duplicate of mine. I've had a barium swallow,chest xrays, ECG's and most recently a CT scan on my neck because I had a thyroid op last year and still having problems with my neck plus shoulder pain which radiates over chest & through to middle of my back,chronic heartburn at times, IBS symptons and strange sensations all over my body (worse at night). Barium swallow results were fine but still waiting for scan results.My sleep is constantly disturbed which isn't helped by the menopause. I feel so awful most of the time but fighting hard to live a normal life but it's very hard. I'm sure some people think I'm a hypochondriac because so far all my test results have come back negative but I know how I feel and I know it's not my imagination. I also live in the UK and can't fault the NHS but do wish test results came back a little quicker. Do hope you start to feel better very soon.
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Hi!  I'm from one of the Colonies (Canada).  Just thought I'd throw that in as a very little joke.  Francesanne, you mentioned menopause.  I don't care what anyone says, when some of us go through this nasty stage in our lives, the hormones can get way out of wack and create more anxiety and depression symptoms.  My worst time of it was actually during peri-menopause.  Even the IBS can be worse during this time.  I remember my psychiatrist telling me that the brain gut reaction time is split second.  So from the time you feel the anxiety, your gut has already received the message that you are scared and it reacts with...well you know what, the big D.  Imodium became my constant companion.

The symptoms you have express, waspman 1, are typical of someone with anxiety/panic issues.  I have all of them.  Exercise and positive attitude along with cognative behavioural therapy is helpful.  If you can't get relief that way then there is no shame in medication.  As my psychiatrist told me, it doesn't matter how you get out of the house to enjoy your life, but that you GOT OUT.  It's all well and good not to take medication if you are able to have a full life without it, but what is life if by not taking medication you aren't enjoying the life you deserve.  
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Hi Barfer,  think the menopause is causing the majority of my problems plus taking Thyroxine & B.P. medication doesn't help matters plus I'm a very anxious person anyway. It's so good to hear from someone who understands all the horrible problems that go with it. I feel so awful when I wake during the night and feel like I'm dying and then I get even more stressed out. Hope you're over the worst of it now. Take good care.
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Hi I  suffering same symptoms, got appointment with doctor tomoro, did anyone also have pain there arms, really scares me, burping fit, after eating and when I go out. Does anyone else have same symptoms, can anyone tell me wot eat for tea that wont make sympotoms worse. Please thank you shell xx
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