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anxiety :(

okayy so i have had anxiety for 1 month already & i feel like its been forever i ve tryed teas ,yoga self motivation & natural pills & nothing whats the best method i can use to finally get rid of the anxiety?
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Hello and welcome!  Glad you found us!  You're among a lot of people who understand, we've all been there!

A little history would be helpful, if you can elaborate a bit.  How old are you?  Besides this last month, have you ever experienced a lot of anxiety before?  Ever sought professional treatment for it?  Any depression or other mental illness?  Any medical history?  Do you take any medications?  Have you anything anything particularly stressful going on in your life lately?  Can you describe your anxiety related symptoms?  

If you can share a bit with us (whatever you are comfy sharing), I think we'll be able to help you a bit better!

Hang in there!!
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okayy so i was very happy to start my new job i was working there for more than 4 months i started noticeing that i would start crying for no reason start sweating my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest so one day my whole body went numb i called the ambulence &  they took me to the hos they took blood test, x ray , ekg , thorax , basically everything & they didnt find ag like ifnything i thought i was dieing & or haveing a stroke or heart attack .but after that day i havent been the same . ive never felt this bad before im 20 yrs old & have a 2 yr old daughter shes my world .i just got my apt the same month i started getting anxiety i should be happy anxiety wont let me i dont even want to work because it scares me knowing at im going to be alone i start sweating shortsness of breath my head starts hearting i start tingling all over i dont alot i cant sleep ,i always feel weak  i get the feeling like if im going to pass out . im takeing these natural pills called anxiclear but dont want to be on reg meds tht scares me alot
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OK!  Thanks for the info.  Sounds an awful lot like a textbook panic attack, which can happen seemingly "out of the blue", but often times there is a trigger.  Could be that your new job triggered the panic attack.  It's also common for people to have their first panic attack in their late teens, early 20's.  Some other predisposing factors to panic attacks and an anxiety disorder would be familial history (someone in your family with anxiety issues) and MVP (mitral valve prolapse, or a heart murmur).

The good news is, there is help out there, and there are millions of people with anxiety disorders, so it is very common, you are not alone.  Also, you have reached out early on, that will help you immensely.  Some people wait a long time to get help, and the worse the anxiety gets, the harder it takes to get it under control.

Here's the typical steps to getting started.  You had a thorough work up when you went to the ER, so you've pretty much already ruled out a medical cause for your symptoms (that's always step 1).  Next step would be to make an appt with your doc, explain what is going on, and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist, who will thoroughly assess you and offer you an accurate diagnosis (one possibly may be panic disorder).  Then, the "p-doc" (what we call psych docs) will discuss treatment options with you.  The most common treatment modality is an SSRI antidepressant (like Zoloft, Lexapro, etc), sometimes along with a short term course of an anti-anxiety med, like Xanax, to help control your symptoms while you are waiting for the AD to start working.  That can take up to 6 weeks or more, depending on the person, so it's a process that requires some patience.

Therapy along with the medications is also strongly recommended.  The meds help to control your symptoms, but the therapy is where you do all the work, exploring any possible issues causing the anxiety (ie past traumas, etc), and learning coping mechanisms.  During this phase, it is helpful to educate yourself about what anxiety is, there are a lot of resources out there.  It helps a lot just to know you aren't alone.  One other thing I will tell you is, as TERRIFYING as the sensations are, they are NOT harmful in any way.  You will not die, have a heart attack, stroke, or go crazy, despite how awful you feel.

You've tried a lot of natural approaches, that's great. That shows that you are ready to fight this head on.  You may not be thrilled at the idea of needing to take a medication for this (I'm basing this on your attempts with natural remedies), however, sometimes it is necessary, just like if you would need to take a pill to control your blood pressure.  You wouldn't think twice about that, this really isn't a whole lot different.  Just go into treatment with an open mind, and be willing to try what the p-doc recommends.  Countless people have gotten their lives back, thanks to these medications and therapy (myself included).  If you are adamant about not taking meds, then therapy would be indicated, and your doc could recommend some alternative treatments (accupuncture, yoga, biofeedback, meditation, etc)

Please stick around, let us know how you're feeling and when your appt is.  We'll walk you through this, it helps to kind of know what to expect along the way.  This site is a Godsend too, you will find info, compassion and support here.  That's an excellent resource!  Hang in there!  You won't feel like this forever!  Glad you found us!
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thank yu i will try my best i have to get my life back for my daughter & i was also reading that meds give yu different side effcts thats why im so scared of them & i will try to speak to a psychiatrist
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sorry 1 more ques lately as well i have been haveing this slight pain under my ribcage it feels like my lungs are crampy it doesnt hurt alot but i can feel it throughout my day i dont know if this is becuse of my anxiety ; i had an xray done & they said i was completely fine , but yet again i thought it was just gas stuck but ive tryed gasx & massageing my sides but it doesnt go away . is this normal or should i worry ?
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No, I wouldn't worry, especially because you've had an Xray.

That could be anything from anxiety to an upper respiratory infection.

With the meds, true, there are some side effects, but you can't go into it being overly worried about it.  Some people never have one side effect.  If you would have any side effects, the good news is, they usually only last about 2 weeks or so (sometimes even less) before they start resolving.

One step at a time.
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Hi Kayy,

First off im really sorry you too are experiencing anxiety, however nursegirl is 100% correct. There is so much support here, these people are truly amazing and very comforting.

I am 19 and i also have only recently experienced anxiety, 2 months ago i was driving with my partner and my brothers when i felt a wave of fear, i just thought i was being silly and tried to shake it off, it just got worse, i stopped the car and jumped out, my face was hot but my feet and hands were cold, my heart was racing and everything felt surreal, i had no idea what to do or what was happening to me, i honestly thought i was going to die i have never been more scared in my life.
My partner had to drive us home as soon as we pulled up in the driveway i ran inside and sat on the lounge, i now had pins and needles and felt like i couldnt breathe, i was so weak. I called the hospital they advised me to attend the er. I made my partner (with a suspended license) drive me to the hospital (i know not the smartest thing to do, but he was the only other experienced driver). I was so scared, thinking the worse, i finally got to see a nurse who calmed me down, took my blood pressure which was normal and was informed i had just had a panic attack. Worst experience of my life.

From that night nothing has been the same, i always feel scared and weak.
Everyday since then i was having atleast 1 panic attack a day (usually occuring at night, or when driving). I am currently staying at my mums as i fear going home :/ because my mum has suffered anxiety she understands and i feel safe here with her. Although i feel like a sook. Naturally i tried to avoid driving or leaving the house at all, which failed because the longer i sat home the worse and more freqent the attacks became. One day i decided bugger it i am going to have a panic attack whether i leave the house or not, so i went out. It was hard but had to be done. A few times i had an attack while out in public, no one noticed and once the initial fear passed i was fine.

I haven't tried anything for my anxiety really, apart from slow deep breathing and trying to keep myself occupied and live my life, sometimes it's easier said than done, some days i dont want to wake up i just want to sleep the day away hoping i'll feel better the next day. The only tests i have had done is a ECG, which was normal. I too refuse to take medication.

It has been a week since my last bad panic attack. I have had a few little one's but managed to overcome them. Last night however, i started feeling really dizzy out of nowhere, then came nausea, then fear, tears, restlessness, surprisingly though not a panic attack.

I still feel dizzy and scared now, but we have to tell ourselves that we will be okay, that it is just anxiety/panic disorder.
it's so hard to believe that it is just anxiety, as it causes us to worry, we instantly think the worst. I try and tell myself if it was anything else and something was going to happen to me it would have already happened.

I hope my story helps you, you are not alone there are so many of us out there, all dealing with the same thing. Baby steps are the easiest way to start overcoming this, take it one day at a time.
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Is really nice to see that someone as nice as yourself always giving good advice and is really appreciated.  Reading about everyone is making me feel much better because Im not alone, my question to you is Is I ha
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i can honestly understand yu completely its like i have no real reason to be feeling the way i do if anything i should be really happy but im a nervous wreck cant sleep sometimes i even forget to eat . im trying these natural pills yu should check them out at anxiclear.com & tell me what yu think i dont have panick attacks anymore but i still feel the thought running through my mind & the occasional heart palpitations . i just want to  go back to work again & feel like i can leave my house w out crying before i leave lol & it does feel good to know theres peaple out there w these problems i aswell think that everyday will be my last . but i guess i have to deal w this now before it gets worst
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I'm a bit confused, you said in your OP that nothing you have tried has worked for your anxiety thus far, but you said above that the "anxiclear" HAS been working?  Have you noticed an improvement with it?

When was the last time you had what feels like a panic attack?

It sounds like you are functioning, but barely?  I'm not at all familiar with what you're taking, but how long have you been taking it?  I personally think you should try the process I outlined above, to see if you can get your anxiety to a MUCH more manageable level.

Let us know how it's going!
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I agree, i feel like there is no reason for this to be happening to me, but clearly there is a reason for the anxiety, i think it's basically everything building up over months even years then finally our brain says enough is enough you need a break!

I feel nervous alot of the time aswell, i believe mine is because subconsiously i am worried about having an attack. I'll take a look at them not sure if i'll try them though, i have got some vitamin b2 tablets they seem to help a little whether or not that is because im believing they will help so they do or not i dont know lol but i was told to get vitamin complete b12 tablets apparently they make you feel heaps better (pharmasist gave me the wrong one's haha) I can go days without having a panic attack then all of a sudden bam there it is, but i have read stories on here and most people say they can go months without one then something will set it off, i went into the start of one last night but i kinda ignored it and it went away :)

I know how you feel i would love to go back to work, i miss it so much :( which is something i didnt think i would say haha, i had a few issue's with my boss so work became a place i did not want to be just because they made me feel an inch tall :( i believe that was a big contribution to my anxiety.

It really does help knowing there are so many of us, there's so much support.
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well before i used to get full blown panick attacks but i started anxiclear excactly 8 days ago & i havent had a panick attack yet i still feel the heavy chest & im out of breath 24/7 & my head starts punding like i feel better but im still not the same im still scared  to be alone or to go to work cause its like im still scared & like i said i have this really bad pain in my sides that im so scared about it hasnt left & im thinking of going to the er tomorrow if it doesnt leave i keep thinking the docters where wrong that they didnt check correctly idk im just scard & i have been eating a little more since anxiclear but in the website alot of peaple say that they get better in 7 days & idk im looseing home maybe some peaple are different
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