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anxiety/acid reflux

does anyone's anxiety give them mild acid reflux..i have it but not that bad..and the last few days its been making my ears burn..and now my left ear has fluid behind the ear drum, and i can barely hear out of it, all i can hear is some weird static noise, that's driving me nuts and making my anxiety worse..anyone get this before, and how long till it goes away..i been pretty calm, but the static noise i hear is gonna make me lose it soon
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At the height of my anxiety issues i had all kinds of stomach issues including reflux..had all the tests & nothing found . Anxiety is under control now..reflux is non existant. Anxiety plays heck on you at times...Best of luck...
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HI, before anyone starts or stops taking Benzos, which is vallium, xanax,klonipin, diazepim,,, ETC,etc, you need to know that they ARE VERY PHYSICALLY DEPENDANT drugs.  I have been on xanax for about 5 years, I think, and I never took more than 1.5 mg a day.  I noticed over the years that my anxiety troubles were getting worse. I figured it was ME.  IT ISNT.  These drugs CHANGE your brain chemistry, which in turn affects your WHOLE body. I have recently tapered my dose down in half, and I have been in terrible withdrawal .  Im talking low grade fevers, hyperventilation, neck tics, headaches, exhaustion, panic, GERD.... diahrrea......etc etc.....DONT start Benzos. Im telling you. And if you are taking them and your getting worse, you need to taper down SUPER SLOWLY.  Heres a very Informative link....


ANti depressants also cause major withdrawal symptoms, and are not as dangerous as benzos, but should never be quit cold turkey..
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yeah...stomach problems aren't uncommon at all with people who have anxiety issues. i also had problems with my ears...but not a static noise. it was more like they were clogged sometimes...can't really explain it well. but i would get that checked out just in case it's some sort of inner ear infection. you wouldn't want to let that go unchecked. those suck.

anyway...the way i view it is that the physical symptoms are just that...physical. and it's better to be sitting on the couch with an eyebrow twitching, pressure in the forehead, and hearing problems than it is to be in the middle of a panic attack. that makes it easier to ignor them.
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