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anxiety after medication

By nature I am not an anxious person.
But lately I suffered from anxiety, low energy, fear, and low motivation and stress, in addition to depression.

I believe that my family has a role in me bieng in this position. My father and eldest brother are alcohol addicts. This is one issue. My mother is extremely suffers from menopausal symptoms (always angry and looking for troubles). So this created a sort of unstability in my life.

I tried to migitate the effects of this on my personnel life through going to a doctor who perscribed for me zoloft and anothe medication. It helped for a while but I believe know I am having the symptoms of anxiety and stress back with depression.

I tried to communicate with my family but the feedback isnt really helping, I guess I have to figure ways to help myself alone....but kind of feeling lost.
I have a job and trying to stayed focused and it really is becoming harder every day.

I am currently on zoloft but its not really helping alone, please advise me.
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Sorry friend. Cant say I know the magic solution. Also just started on some pills and feeling some weird stuff going on.
But I can relate to your issue.
My dad tried to kill my mom when I was a kid.
My mom would always team up with her boyfriend no matter what the fight was about.
Ended with me and the boyfriend in a fight as I left the house for the last time. Lived on the street for a while and now finally live in my own place.
And thats not even 20% of all the crazy stuff that has been part of my life.

All i can say is you have to find someone to throw all your worries to.
If your religous, talk with a pries.
Talk with your doc about it.
Who ever.
Not to get things fixed so to speak.... But to get out all the thoughts that might be pulling you down.
Dont know how old you are.... but maybe its time to move out of the house to get away from all the issues.
I dont know how my current situation would be now if i had stayed that day . . . But I dont really doubt it would be much worse.
I lived in what I would mostly describe as a clothset.
Just enough space for a my bed and a small desk which I could sit at using my bed.
It made me miserableness.  Sad and claustrophobic.

Thats not to say I hate my mom now. . . Just wanna make that clear. Things have brightened up between me and her.- I mean. . . She was just honestly blind with love and stressed out from working all the time. . And she and the guy are still together and seam happy. But cant say Im to found of him yet.

But listen. This is no "pity" talk here. But if your short of people to turn to, just pm and ill give you my mail or skype name. Not saying we are gonna be penpals or anything. But sometimes its good to have someone to "spare" with and unload your thoughts on once in a while. And Im cool with that.
In fact. Who ever feels for it, throw me a message. Feeling down..... Ill try and come with the best joke possible, and maybe someone can throw one at me in return.

Anyways.- Novo- Best of luck man. Remember things can always be better, Even if your the richest guy in the world. But never give up. Giving up has never gained anyone anything.
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You have several options to talk over with your doctor.  You may need to up your dose of Zoloft.  If that is not an option, perhaps a med could be added.  There are many good anxiety meds that can be taken with the Zoloft.  Good luck!
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sleepsleep, thanks buddy for sharing your story. I really needed this encouragement.... God bless . I will be strong and seek some friend to speek to, the truth is that I don't have friends currently....I will work on that front.

lynn57, on my next visit to the doctor I will discuss this option with him.  The problem is that my parents think that I am a psycho for taking the medicine. Sometimes I feel ashamed for taking them. I think I need to believe again in the meds and increase the dose.

I already feel better thanks all of you.

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Np man- We gotta stick together and help however we can. Just write again if needed. GL.
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