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anxiety and hormones

I was diagnosed with anxiety over 5 years ago.  I am 62 years old and post menopausal (for 6 rs)  I was advised to see a psychiatrists, who has prescribed countless medications, including ativan, klonopin, clonodine, seroquel for sleep, and several anti depressants.  I have also been seeing a psychologist for 3 years and countless other doctors such as MD's and OB's.  After much research I decided to ask my OB to test my hormones and have been on bio-identical hormones since October, 2010. After 4 months of treatment. some things have improved (progesterone), but my estrogen is still very low.  The more I read, the more confused I get mostly because the research is somewhat a contradiction to what I the doctors are telling me.   I also have high cholesterol, which I have read  is contributed to by low estrogen.  After all this time I am still so tired most of the time,  (don't sleep well without medication) no sex drive, anxious and sometimes have meltdowns that leave me completely dysfunctional for days.  All I want is to feel normal again.  I feel like there isn't a doctor out there that cares enough to help me. I  believe I am on the right track with bio-identical hormones, (low estrogen being the key) but the PA who is treating me is arrogant and treats me like a 2 years old.  Also, I never took synthetic HRT during menopaus because of the dangerous side effects..  My goal is to get off these prescription drugs and get back to living life.  Anybody have these same problems?  Suggestions?  I live in Michigan.  Nancy
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It sounds like you have been through alot and that you are taking alot of medications. Hormones are a huge part in anxiety. I would get the worst of my anxiety the week before my period was due. Now that I have had a hysterectomy and am not sure what I am ovulating etc I cant seem to pin point it the same.
I suggest seeing a naturopath or at the very least getting a new doctor. Naturopaths can really help with the hormones and medication reduction and so much more. One of the best things I ever did was go and see one. Dont stop taking any of your meds unless under supervision of someone. I think once you got the hormones sorted out and the medications you will begin to fill alot better.
I wish you luck
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Hi Nancy,

It is an excellent goal to try wean off the prescriptions drugs because, as you know, they bring on enough problems on their own. It is absolutely outrageous to me how easily these drugs are handed out, to fix most problems that can be cured--yes, CURED-- without pumping the body full of chemicals. This only stresses out the body more. The most difficult part for people already on medication is that they start losing touch with what their true health issues are, and what are side effects of the drugs. The best way to figure that out is to quit prescription meds altogether, and let your body sort itself out. If the bio-hormones are helping, I would give those a little more time, but I strongly suggest weaning yourself off any antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs if you haven't already. This is too much for your body. As you probably know, prescription meds take time to leave the system, so you may experience the same side effects for a while afterwards. Exercise can help speed up the process.
As for your doctors, don't put up with their disrespect or insensitivity. Generally if the doctors aren't giving you clear answers or firm advice, they aren't confident in their methods of treatment. That is when you have to intuitively listen to your body, think logically and rationally, and take matters into your own hands.
Online research can be helpful in some ways, but menopause is a very individual and unique experience to every woman, and what works for one may not work for you.
Trust what your body is telling you. This won't last forever. The more you stick to natural approaches the more your body will love you for it.

All the best,
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