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anxiety and social security disability

I am just curious. Is anyone getting social security disability for anxiety attacks? I have suffered for many years.
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I work in a career where I see a lot of people get disability for worse things so probably but PLEEEAASSEE don't take that route!  Seek professional treatment!  So many of us suffer from anxiety and have anxiety attacks.  It does make it harder to function in everyday life but w/ proper treatment, or if you can just get a grip on it, you CAN function.  Anyone remotely capable of having employment should work and not make all of us tax payers pay for their disability!  I'd love to take the easy way out because getting out of bed to go to work every day is NOT easy but I also respect what disability was designed for.
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If your anxiety and or depression has brought you to the point of needing disability I say you need to do what you have to do.  I truly hope however that you can work out your situation so you can live a fulfilled life.  I know that you have been on another forum and I have read your posts and I do wish you the best with everything.
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can i get ssi for my 5 year old son who has type 1 diabeties and also odd and sepration anxiety ?
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having experienced extreme anxiety, i would rather not have my tax dollars pay for someone else with the same illness as i know it can be managed...unless it's very severe. i work in a pharmacy and see every day the true horror of what some people have to go through and it makes my anxiety/ocd issues seem rather small. having said that, i know i could wish all day for them to be gone and yet they are stuck with me just like cancer is to someone else...not to make any comparison.

anyway, i do not know your story, but i do know that the bottom line is withdrawing into your house on disability would be worse for your condition than going to work. i'm perfectly aware that when experiencing extreme anxiety or any form of mental illness, you don't want to connect with society...but doing so on a regular basis does help even if it's only for a little while each day. in that respect, i think any person with anxiety would see more damage than good from being allowed to stay inside their house all day alone with their thoughts...
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Amen to this last poster...my work still has me on, despite my missing LOTS of work for my mental illness and alcoholism...they even held it when I went through rehab and when I spent 2 weeks inpatient after a suicide attempt....and my boss CONSTANTLY tells me I do better coming to work and see patients, (I am an ophthalmic tech) than to stay home and isolate.....and she's correct...but I will still one day after to file as I am getting WORSE, not better...and all the myriad combos of drugs I have been on over the years to "cure" me of my symptoms...(even the ones that were "all in my head") have now caused me to have seizures.....YAY!

Anyhow....isolation is the WRONG thing for peeps like me and you....(or is that you and me)
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You and a couple other people are actully making comments on anxiety. It kind of bothers me that you say you have anxiety but " you get up and go to work and face your fears everyday" but yet, you dont know the depth of everyone elses anxiety disorder . And ive been around the " mental illness" world for awhile, in and out of pschy wards , outpatient programs, recovery groups, na, pa, aa, group homes, halfway houses, inpatient drug treatment centers, detoxs, you name it, there are so many types of anxiety its so hard to diaignos. You might have anxiety but the next person may suffer from what they call a "substance psychosis" and that is anxety to where if they are trying to stay sober even years later they have such anxiety without there drug they cannot cope. In the disability world the terminolgy can be just anxiety, when really it is what I just explaned . My piont is there are so many levels of anxiety its very judgemental of you to tell people what they need to do unless your an expert. Its not an eaxy way out for a big number of people so do not criticize them for it. Thats the last thing they need to hear. You know the depth of yours, GREAT, but dont be passing on a general statement when it is so much more than you could even grasp to be educated on. Along side that, usually with anxiety there are many more mental illness's that people ususally have, so when they go for ssdi, ssi , disability, theres alot more to there story then just " anxiety"! So stop and think before you talk about your worry on how you dont want to pay taxes for people. Thats very narrow minded and you knowing anxiety should be a little more open and empathetic for those out there suffering. Have you even read the stories of how people try for years to work and just cant do it anymore. theyve put there sweat equity into social security , if they per doctor cant work leave them alone and let them get the help they need.
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yes I do, It is not easy and they will not give it to you if you don't need it. I tried to work from a 17 year career and was let go because of this. Many employers will not have the tolerance necessary for this disease and it was in the medical field!!! While I do agree that too much time in your own head and lack of social connections can take its tole, I am getting better in spite of all that and have a great support network. So while I am sorry to take YOUR tax dollars, I did contribute for over 20 years and hope to again be in a position to seek gainful employment but part of recovery is to accept today as it is. Each day brings me closer to no longer needing your money and I am more than willing to some day be the one supporting you.
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