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anxiety and weight gain

i have high anxiety exspecially social anxiety and i am currently taking effexor 75 kind. but i am eating alot wheni get stressed/anxiety and gaining weight which causes alot of my anxiety to begin with. i have been reading about welbutrin XL and wondering if i could add that too. but worried if it would add to the anxiety. what would help mewith my cravings and help me not gain wt.
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In my opinion, weight gain can really go hand in hand with anxiety and depression in many people. When I was going through this, I quit exercising and did not take care of myself like I normally did and thus put on a lot of weight.  But I also lost it once I started eating right and getting normal exercise.  For me this was just as important as talk therapy and any medication that I was taking...keep working through it...and keep us posted!
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All ssris and snris have as a main side effect weight gain.  It doesn't happen to everyone, but it might be happening to you.  As for wellbutrin, that's more of an antidepressant only, and can cause additional anxiety.  Might not, but it might.  And it, too, might cause weight gain.  cj is right, you'll have to be especially careful about your diet and exercise, and even then you might have weight gain; I did.  Sometimes it's a choice between feeling good and looking good.
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