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anxiety attack relapse

I'm 30 years old and from the Philippines. Last 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder accompanied with panic attacks which I first thought I had some serious heart disease because of the symptoms that could be similar to heart attack. I've been rushed to the ER for as many times as i can remember, had few blood test and EKG, but the doctor said that i'm just a little overweight but i'm perfectly ok and according to the doctor, i just need to lose some weight and seek a psychological advice. I was kind of skeptic  but it is starting to ruin my life cause most of the time i felt like i was going to die every time i had the attack and, i'm so scared to death but nevertheless i still underwent cognitive behavioral therapy for 3 months and the the doctor made me take several medicine like anti-depressant and sleeping pills. Then i decided to go back to work hoping that it will help me to fully recover somehow. Years passed and i still experienced series of attacks sometimes, but this time i learned to manage and control it cause i'm thinking that it was only another episode of anxiety attack and not a heart attack which i fear of. I always keep a propranolol 10mg handy in case my heart beat become so fast and use it only if the attack become uncontrollable.
Lately i have been experiencing series of relapse again but this time it's more intense like the attacks i had 3 years ago, I had one EKG this year and it shows that everything is fine with my heart as per the doctor's advise. I am afraid that perhaps its more than anxiety attack and may lead to some serious heart problems since I've been always anxious about my health and stressed out often and most likely, the attack comes at bedtime when i'm about to close my eyes and sleep. I don't smoke and i rarely drink, i'm also in pretty good shape and have quiet an active lifestyle. Sometimes the fear of death struck me cause of the trauma. Is there really such thing as anxiety attack relapse? and is it really necessary for me to take the therapy again since i'm kinda reluctant into taking anti-depressant medicine and sleeping pills cause i don't want to be drug dependent, all i want is to be back into my normal self again free from anxiety. Thanks..
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Yes, sometimes anxiety and panic attacks can come back. I would recommend seeing your therapist again. Maybe just brushing up on some of the things you learned in past therapy will be the answer. Actually, you were'nt in therapy for very long the first time.
Have you been under stress lately? If so, that can sure cause anxiety and panic attacks.
You've had some testing done and your Drs have said your heart is fine. I understand it can be hard to believe because panic attacks can feel like heart problems.
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well I've been in so much stress lately and guess you're right, maybe that's the reason why i'm experiencing this sudden attacks and im having a hard time to sleep, but anyway I will be going home in the Philippines soon to have a thorough examination on my heart and perhaps get a therapy (if I will be able to extend my stay) if  not, I might just visit my doctor for some advice. in any case, do you happen to know if hyperthyroidism is kinda connected with anxiety attacks? Thanks again..
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same experience!!!but now fully recovered by using one method email me at jasper_fired@yc to shared with our experience of anxiety.
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Stress can cause anxiety. That's what's most likely going on with you.
Yes, hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety and panic attacks. Have you been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism? If so, are you taking any medication for it?
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I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last 2007, and until now still on medication though it's controlled already... however recently I'm not able to see the doctor but im still taking my carbimazole and propanolol if necessary. Back in the Philippines, I had several thyroid ultrasound and blood test, my endocrinologist said that I don't have any thyroid nodules which give her the impression that it might be a cause of hereditary factor. She also suggested about the radioactive iodine but she said that I might turn to hypothyroid after. As of now, I don't have any signs of hyperthyroidism, my thyroid is not enlarged and my eyes are back to normal again though it's not perfectly like before, it's just the anxiety attacks that I've been experiencing lately and the occasional fast heart beat and hyper acidic, it's really a nightmare for me.. guess, I will be taking all this medication for lifetime..

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Yes, you will most likely have to take this medication for the rest of your life.
Do you have any idea what your numbers are? Did your Endo Dr check not just your TSH but also your FT3, FT4 and antibodies?
Numbers that look good and are good for someone else might not be the right numbers for you. You really have to go by your symptoms and you are still having some symptoms. You're having anxiety, the fast heart beat and your eyes are not completely back to normal.
My concern is that you're not on a high enough dose of your meds.
No, if were me I would not do the iodine just yet. Just my opinion.
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you're right, I don't have to do the RI just yet cause im afraid of any effects after since im looking forward into getting pregnant soon. I Just got married and im kinda worried that my situation right now will have any bad effects while im trying to conceive plus the medications that im taking. honestly, I haven't visited the endo for quiet a while cause reaching out to a doctor seems to be almost impossible here in Kuwait where im currently at. most hospitals here only accept emergency cases but I still continue taking my meds just to stay abreast until I go back to the Philippines and see my endo so basically im into self medication right now, which I know is not good either. what I can remember is that she's giving me carbimazole 5mg to be taken 3x daily when my T3 and T4 are high and low TSH. The last time I saw here, she told me that my T3, T4 and TSH are already normal so she reduced the carbimazole to be taken once a day and 5 days a week and the propranolol only if needed. I can feel that my thyroid hormones elevated again cause of the hyper acidity and anxiety attacks, I will see my endo next month when I come home and I will keep you posted on what she'll tell. thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it
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You really need to try to see your Dr for testing. If your numbers are'nt where they're supposed to be and you're still having symptoms you may need a med adjustment, like I mentioned in my above post. If your numbers are good you should be able to easily get pregnant and also have a healthy pregnancy.
I'm glad to hear all of your numbers are being tested. But, once she decreased your meds she should have had you come back again for retesting to make sure your levels were good.
If it were me I would wait until I got back to the Philippines and saw the endo Dr before trying for a baby. You want those numbers to be perfect and you want to be symptom free so you can have a healthy pregnancy. It's only a month from now so it's well worth the wait.
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I'm having frequent anxiety and panic attacks lately. It's making me more anxious every time and one is worst than the other attack. my husband woks on night shift so I can't sleep at evening cause im also experiencing insomnia and maybe because im also anxious. usually the anxiety attack occurs in the evening or early morning whenever  im trying to sleep, I feel like my throat will close, I feel dizzy and light headed like im being away from reality, I can feel pain in chest, like its pinching me though not that worst and sometimes also back pain, then after I will have an urgency to go to the bathroom to vomit or what. usually it lasted less than an hour but sometimes in 2 hours or more until I fell asleep. however, im still trying to compose myself and keep calm, sometimes I ask my husband  to bring me to the hospital where in which state I know im having panic attacks so I still try to be calm and take propranolol 10mg. i'm afraid that maybe I will have serious heart problems in the long run or loose control and become crazy, I know that im not the only one experiencing this kind of problem and it quiet surprises me that there's even younger people who are experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes I wonder is this because of stress or too much thinking perhaps or maybe related to my thyroid problem. I need to bear with this situation until i get off from here, im so worried and afraid... pls help.. thanks
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I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I truly understand what it's like. When I first started having panic attacks my husband also worked nights so I was alone with our baby. I could not sleep if he was'nt home.
Did you talk to your Dr about an anxiety med instead of the Propranolol? I know this med can keep your heart rate and blood pressure down and it is used sometimes for anxiety. It does'nt seem to be helping you that much though.
You won't become crazy. I've never known anyone to go crazy from panic attacks and anxiety, including myself.
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well, I have a few prescriptions here of anti-depressant meds, I remember that when I had psychotheraphy, the doctor gave me lithium, propranolol, iterax and rivotril 1mg at bedtime. I afraid to take any of this meds while I haven't consult him yet cause I will be home in manila next week.. yes, I can't sleep if my husband is not here, so when im about to sleep with him, the panic attack comes suddenly. I'm thankful though that he can understand my situation, honestly, If I have a choice, I don't want to go through all of the therapy session and meds again cause it only makes me feel worse about myself though I know for a fact what I have. I'm just keeping my mind open and maybe the reason of having this attacks is that im not so busy recently cause I quit my job and I've been thinking too much as well and stress.. but what's important is that I try to stay calm especially when I have the attacks and to pray always. and you're also such a big help knowing that there's someone like me whose willing to share ideas, to speak with and give advice. This anxiety and panic attacks are the worst thing that ever happened to me since 4 years ago..
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