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anxiety attacks for days??

has anyone experienced an anxiety attack for days?? ive lived with anxiety and panic for years and years, im 29 weeks pregnant and 29 years old...

im having tingling thru my body, twitches all over my body (randomly)....and racing thoughts all for 4-5 days now. Im also a serious hypochondriac, so now i think i have MS, ALS, and other horrible diseases due to these symptoms ive been having. just looking for some support and feed back =)
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I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through!  I have dealt with similar feelings and fears for years too --- my heart goes out to others who are dealing with anxiety and all that goes with it!!   I too always think I have some sort of disease, actually the same ones you mentioned and others.  It's like a vicious cycle of symptoms feeding the distorted thinking which leads to increased anxiety.....    I have has anxiety for days - wake up and before I'm even out of bed my stomach is already in knots, worried, hot then cold, feeling nervous and shaky.  I would mention it to your ob/gyn since you're pregnant just so she/he knows what's going on and can maybe offer you some support.   (congratulations by the way!)  Maybe your changing hormones and chemicals from the pregnancy are increasing your anxiety level??  
Hope that was helpful!  Sometimes it's just nice to know you're not alone in dealing with those feelings! :-)
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hello! thank you for your response. It really does help when you know your not alone. yes, i did tell my ob...and she suggested i do breathing techniques and tell my primary dr....so i did, but it kind of just stayed there because i'm not into taking alot of meds while pregnant. i was on paxil for 4 years, but switched to zoloft because of the pregnancy. anxiety is horrible and it really seems like it will take over your life!
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Yes, I've had it for days, weeks and even for a month sometimes. But it gets better with the proper treatment. I'm so sorry to hear youre going through this at this time. Congrats on that baby!!!

Try to think positive! It will not take over your life forever. We will have our spurts. But hopefully one day these spurts will stop too.

I agree with you trying to go medicine free while being pregnant. Hang in there. Therapy is good! Your hormones could be a little out of whack due to the pregnancy as well. Hang in there and accept the anxiety. That's really all I can say for now... stay med free. Breathing techniques are great!

Excersise is great too. You know what else helps me? Taking a hot shower or bath, crawling into bed and doing a good crossword puzzle. Even if I can't do them all, it helps me relax and makes me focus on the puzzle. Then I find myself falling asleep.

Hang in there girl. =)
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thanks! i actually love crossword puzzles! =)
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